Sakura in Korea 2020: When & Where to Admire

Many might assume that Japan is the only place you can appreciate the beauty of the sakura season. What they might not know is that South Korea has cherry blossom trees that are just as beautiful. In fact, there are several regions in the country blessed with cherry blossom trees which bloom come springtime. In … Read more

Cherry Blossoms 2018 – Sakura Forecast Dates – Japan, Korea, Taiwan

The best time of year to visit Japan is during the Cherry Blossoms season. ‘Hanami’ or cherry blossom viewing, is a pretty magical experience as you wander through tree groves under the bloom of delicate petals of the sakura (cherry) and ume (plum) trees. The magic of hanami can also be experienced in Taiwan and … Read more

Most Delicious Food in Seoul, Korea

Si mi tai kimchi? Korean royal feasts, amazing spreads of all-things-Korean served right to your table and just where to savour the very best of Korean flavours. Asia’s Greatest Food Cities Friends, countrymen, makan kaki, lend me your ears. I shall show you the way to paradise. Food paradise, that is. Loosen your belt and … Read more

Amazing markets in Seoul you cannot miss

Exploring Seoul doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down! If you’re on a business trip, working a 9-5 job, or just want to have fun, Seoul’s night markets are the perfect place to explore in what limited free time you have. A whole other part of Seoul comes alive in these night markets … Read more

2 Days in Nami Island

By Alvin S – When most people think of visiting South Korea, they think of exploring Seoul and all the shopping the city has to offer. But if you have the time and want to get more in touch with nature, you can always take a short train ride out from Seoul to Gapyeong/Nami Island. … Read more

Ways to get the Best out of Busan

In the 2016 box office hit “Train to Busan”, Busan was touted by the protagonists as the only safe haven in South Korea during the zombie apocalypse. Well, it turns out the movie isn’t wrong. Busan is a place to flee from an apocalypse but also makes for a nice vacay. Here are seven of … Read more

A Perfect Neighbourhood Guide to Seoul

The capital of Korea is a buzzing metropolis that’s a heady blend of next-generation skyscrapers surrounded by temples and palaces from kingdoms long gone. For the uninitiated though, Seoul can overwhelm with choices! Wondering how to plan your route in Seoul? Here’s a handy neighbourhood guide showing you where to go in Seoul for the … Read more