1 Week Itinerary For Seoul, South Korea

It’s undeniable that Seoul is one of the coolest cities around. Besides being the birthplace of the K-phenomenon, Seoul dazzles with the exciting Everland, picturesque day trip to Nami Island, enticing shopping streets, and incredibly delicious street food. Download your very own Seoul 7D6N itinerary with tips on making the best of your visit to … Read more

Get Bang For Your Buck When You Travel To These Destinations During Off-Peak!

Get Bang For Your Buck When You Travel To These Destinations During Off-Peak! Avoid the crowds and peak prices during the off-peak season If you’re sick of squeezing with the hordes of tourists and the inflated prices during peak travel seasons, we’ve got the solution for you! Did you know that July-September is actually the … Read more

Beautiful Korea’s 2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast And The Best Viewing Spots

Sakura season in Korea! It’s not too late to start planning your cherry blossom pilgrimage in South Korea! This once a year phenomenon will leave the towns painted millennial pink this spring. If you’re lucky enough to be in South Korea this spring, get ready to see everything with rose-tinted glasses as you join in … Read more

Wonderful 5 Day Trips Worth A Seoul Train Out Of The City

Soju think you’ve seen all there is to Seoul? Think again! Beauty masks and street food aside, here are five day trips beyond the city that will have you falling in love with Seoul all over again! 1. Uncover the magic of Korea’s O and V trains Arguably the best way to travel around South … Read more

10 Exciting VR Attractions To Live Out Your Wildest Imagination And Beyond

10 Exciting VR Attractions To Live Out Your Wildest Imagination And Beyond Discover the unlimited possibilities of VR! ‘Virtual Reality’ is the latest buzz in town, adding a whole new dimension to our entertainment experience. If you are a VR-enthusiast, you probably have a pair of Oculus Rift headset or HTC Vive at home, but … Read more

How Spicy Are These 6 Asian Cuisines?

How Spicy Are These 6 Asian Cuisines? Chillies are widely used to add a kick of spice and flavour to dishes in cities across Asia. The brave souls who risk the heat of spicy food reap tremendous amounts of health benefits – these fiery peppers boost immunity, lower risk of diabetes and help with weight loss. Eating my way … Read more

A Weekend In: Jeju Island

A Weekend In: Jeju Island The picturesque island of Jeju is not surprisingly rife with attractions, although what perhaps surprises most visitors are the uniqueness and diversity of these things to see. Abundantly a trophy of nature, not-too-secretly a hub of off-beat museums, and a showcase of talented performers from the stage to the sea, Jeju Island delivers … Read more

The 3 Most Romantic Destinations in Seoul

The 3 Most Romantic Destinations in Seoul Korean dramas perfectly symbolize the essence of romance. The lovable characters, tearjerking plots, and beautiful photography attract audiences from around the world. Seoul, often the filming location of these dramas, features a number of romantic destinations. This map highlights some of the most iconic locations from Korean Dramas that you can go … Read more

48 Hours in Seoul

48 Hours in Seoul Disclaimer: considering the recent MERS outbreak, I’m not suggesting you jump on the next plane to Seoul. However, when it is safe to do so, I’d highly recommend making a visit to South Korea’s capital. You’ll need a good five days to see everything but if you can’t spare the extra … Read more

A Weekend In: Seoul

A Weekend In: Seoul Famed for its catchy pop tunes, delicious fried chicken and uncannily photogenic population, Seoul is a destination of fascinating appeal. The city is massive, rich with heritage and an aesthetic all its own, and first-time visitors will immediately feel the brevity of a weekend stay. While such is a good excuse to … Read more