Top 10 Easter Holiday Destinations in Asia

For many parts of the world, the Easter break brings an extended holiday with a few extra days off work, allowing you to explore a little further afield than your usual weekend getaway. Easter symbolises the beginning of spring for the northern hemisphere: an idyllic time to get out into the countryside or see city foliage in full … Read more

Kathman-DO! Why now is the time to visit Nepal  

Kathman-DO! Why now is the time to visit Nepal   The earthquake that ravaged the Kathmandu Valley on April 26th shocked the world by the seemingly limitless devastation that natural forces can inflict on humanity. If you, like millions of others worldwide, felt powerless in helping the people of Nepal recover from the tragedy, then … Read more

7 Days In Nepal

If Nepal as a travel destination sounds underrated, that’s probably because it is – but only if you aren’t the outdoorsy, adventurous type. It has, after all, been long known for its postcard mountains, Everest treks, water rafting rivers and paraglide-worthy skies. Next to that are the Durbar Squares, and so travelers are often wont … Read more

Tips to Choose a Trek in Nepal

It’s hard to wander around Nepal without bumping into people with backpacks and walking sticks, sweat on their faces, asking you, “What trek did you do?” Nepal is a small, little known area of the world, full of stunning natural views like blue, rippling water, flat, luscious jungles, winding rivers, and of course, the king … Read more