Fall In Love With Macau In 24 Hours

Macau – the Las Vegas of Asia Just like its Western counterpart, visiting Macau is a fast and furious affair of culture, adrenaline, history and food that you can conquer in just 24 hours or less! More than just a day trip from Hong Kong and definitely more than its casinos, Macau boasts a handful of … Read more

Studio City Macau: Premiering Now!

Get ready because the show is about to start as the city’s newest entertainment hotspot is open for business! The multi level complex is set to be the next step in facilitating Macau’s burgeoning tourism scene, as well as creating a new center for entertainment. Studio City offers an extremely diverse range of activities all jammed … Read more

10 Types of Dads and What To Get This Father’s Day

10 Types of Dads and What To Get This Father’s Day It’s easy to find the perfect gift Every dad is invariably unique, but they do share some common traits. Other than commonly being the pillar of strength and support for the family, dads also have particular characteristics that can be split into 10 categories! … Read more