Iconic Hong Kong Attractions

Iconic Hong Kong Attractions When traveling to a place, it’s almost always imperative not to miss out on key sights, or you might as well have never gone. Could you say you’ve been to Paris without having seen the Eiffel Tower? to San Francisco without a photo backdropped by the Golden Gate Bridge? to Bolivia … Read more

A Perfect Guide to Hong Kong Comfort Food

Comfort food is food that associates with your individual or cultural specific kind of nostalgia. It particularly means a lot when you are away from home. As you consume comfort food, it recalls your memories from the good old days and its familiarity relieves you from the feeling of insecurity, anxiety, and stress. With the … Read more

Travel Around the World in Seven 7-Elevens

Open to the public 24/7, a new store born every 2-hours, more locations than McDonalds. These credentials can only fit one store, and that’s 7-Eleven. Most Americans see the place as merely a store to buy slurpees and snack food, but to other countries, it’s a lifesaving mothership. From picking up packages to providing hearty meals, 7-Elevens … Read more