Hong Kong Food Detective – File I : Secrets of Dim Sum

Secret Origin: Dim Sum, Welcome to the Pier! One of the earliest Tea Houses in Hong Kong- “Lucky Chaju” (吉祥茶居) at the left of Chinese Street, Hong Kong in 1915 Photo Credit: 街道倒後鏡 Dim Sum is undoubtedly an iconic symbol of Hong Kong. It is always ranked as one of the top few items in … Read more

Iconic Hong Kong Attractions

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16 Unique Destinations You Need To Visit Based On Your MBTI Profile

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A Perfect Guide to Hong Kong Comfort Food

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Travel Around the World in Seven 7-Elevens

Open to the public 24/7, a new store born every 2-hours, more locations than McDonalds. These credentials can only fit one store, and that’s 7-Eleven. Most Americans see the place as merely a store to buy slurpees and snack food, but to other countries, it’s a lifesaving mothership. From picking up packages to providing hearty meals, 7-Elevens … Read more