Spring in Asia: Places to Go and What to See

Spring in Asia: Where to Go and What to Expect Spring is arguably the most wonderful of the four seasons. Asian countries, in particular, are beautiful places to visit during spring. Special flowers that are absent during the rest of the year are finally coming into bloom and fruit trees bear in abundance. Several Asian … Read more

The most Amazing Attractions in Guangzhou for First-Time Visitors

Guangzhou is truly one of China’s most exciting cities. With its roots as a trading port during the Silk Trade and currently being one of China’s largest metropolises, there’s always been a bustle and hustle to Guangzhou. The population and space of the city have mushroomed over the last few years bringing an intriguing contrast between … Read more

Travel Diary: Trip to Tianjin in 3 Days

When my friends suggested going to Tianjin for our graduation trip, I was bemused. “If we’re going to China, why not head for the bigger metropolitan cities like Shanghai or Beijing instead? Are there really things to do in Tianjin?” A quick Google search later, however, I was enlightened. At first, Tianjin seems like a … Read more

Travel Vaccinations for Singaporeans: Vaccine Types and Where To Get Them

Update:The vaccinations below were recommended for travel in a regular climate. Due to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak, there are new travel advisories and guidelines to safeguard yourself. Please check the World Health Organization and the Singapore Ministry of Health for up-to-date advice and travel restrictions on the evolving situation. When it comes to planning … Read more

Perfect Guangdong Teochew Cultural Travel Guide For First-time Travellers

The forefathers of many Teochew Chinese in Singapore settled down here as plantation owners. They came to Singapore looking for business opportunities to start gambier or pepper plantations. Their traditions and language are still a part of the larger Singaporean society. The north-west region of Singapore, where the plantations used to be, still bears the … Read more