9 Unusual Attractions in Asia

You’ve probably heard of all the big name theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios and Legoland. If you’re a parent or theme park lover, it’s even likely you’ve already been to them all. So if you’re all ‘mickey’d’ out, seen enough disney princesses to last a life time and been frightened by Jaws and Jurassic … Read more

A Weekend In: Pattaya

A Weekend In: Pattaya With Bangkok just over 100 kilometers away, Pattaya has been frequented by travelers from all over the world for its huge variety of activities and attractions to enjoy, whether you’ve come as a family, a couple or as a group of friends. From luxurious beach resorts to bustling street markets, from … Read more

How To Enjoy A Yourself Holiday In: Pattaya

Explore Pattaya beyond the beaches Located just 150km away from Bangkok, Pattaya makes a great escape for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. From floating markets to Muay Thai sessions and even a mini Grand Canyon, the list of things to see in Pattaya is ENDLESS. As with … Read more