Way to Conquer The Best Of Taipei In 3D2N

The essential guide for a perfect Taipei trip! How to Conquer the Best of Taipei in 3D2N Taipei has so much to explore, where do we even start? You no longer have to worry about #FOMO. Here’s how to conquer the best of its food and scenery in just 3D2N! Can you beat our kiasu … Read more

10 Aesthetic Taiwan Cafes That’ll Make Your Feed #Instagoals

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Muslim-Friendly Food in Taipei You Need To Try

It’s easy to find Muslim-friendly food in Taiwan! When you hear “Taiwan”, it’s always followed by “delicious food”. Their wide variety of perfected recipes make it a foodie’s paradise and is a definite must-visit if you love food. However did you know despite having a predominantly Chinese style of cooking, Taiwan has lots of Muslim-friendly (meaning no … Read more

Top 6 Things to Do in Taiwan

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Taipei Smith & Wollensky Steak House

The “Smith & Wollensky” steak on the 47th floor of the Breeze Nanshan is the first in Asia. There is a separate elevator for reaching the high floor (not the elevator on the department store floor). Currently, there are only “Smith & Wollensky” on the 47th floor, and Wagyu 47 Restaurants. However, I heard that … Read more