Way to Conquer The Best Of Taipei In 3D2N

The essential guide for a perfect Taipei trip! How to Conquer the Best of Taipei in 3D2N Taipei has so much to explore, where do we even start? You no longer have to worry about #FOMO. Here’s how to conquer the best of its food and scenery in just 3D2N! Can you beat our kiasu … Read more

The Ultimate Taiwan Guide For The Trip Of A Lifetime

The Ultimate Taiwan Guide For The Trip Of A Lifetime Become a Taiwan expert in 5 minutes! Rough Guides ranked Taiwan as one of the Top 10 Best Countries to visit this 2017! We’re not the least bit surprised because this beautiful country has something for everyone! This sweet-potato shaped island has been gaining popularity with … Read more

A Guide to A Rail Trip in Taiwan – Part III (Taichung City)

A Guide to A Rail Trip in Taiwan – Part III (Taichung City) THSR Taichung Station Compared with Taipei, Taichung shows the less prosperous facet of Taiwan on the western coast of central Taiwan. TSHR Taichung Station is located in Wuri District, a suburban district in Southern Taichung. Taichung station takes you to the two of Taiwan’s … Read more

Exploring Taipei’s Hot Springs

Exploring Taipei’s Hot Springs Whilst Taiwan might be well known for its excellent hiking trails, beautiful coastline, and towering mountain ranges, little is known of Taiwan as a world class hot spring destination. With one of the highest concentrations and greatest varieties of thermal springs in the world, a trip to Taiwan would not be … Read more

Hualien: A Photogenic Haven

Hualien: A Photogenic Haven While towering mountains and never-ending fields are scattered throughout the island, the sheer beauty of Hualien is lionized throughout Taiwan, with tourists from both within the country and abroad visiting and witnessing the region’s unforgettable views first-hand. Located on the east coast, facing the azure blue waters of the ceaseless Pacific Ocean, and … Read more

8 Taiwanese Foods Perfect for Summer

8 Taiwanese Foods Perfect for Summer With a history of occupation and migration over a number of centuries, Taiwanese food has developed its own distinct identity, taking on board many tastes and ingredients from other countries and regions such as Japan, and parts of China. Some of Taiwan’s tastiest food is actually Chinese food – … Read more