1 Week Itinerary For Seoul, South Korea

It’s undeniable that Seoul is one of the coolest cities around. Besides being the birthplace of the K-phenomenon, Seoul dazzles with the exciting Everland, picturesque day trip to Nami Island, enticing shopping streets, and incredibly delicious street food. Download your very own Seoul 7D6N itinerary with tips on making the best of your visit to … Read more

Wonderful 5 Day Trips Worth A Seoul Train Out Of The City

Soju think you’ve seen all there is to Seoul? Think again! Beauty masks and street food aside, here are five day trips beyond the city that will have you falling in love with Seoul all over again! 1. Uncover the magic of Korea’s O and V trains Arguably the best way to travel around South … Read more

The 3 Most Romantic Destinations in Seoul

The 3 Most Romantic Destinations in Seoul Korean dramas perfectly symbolize the essence of romance. The lovable characters, tearjerking plots, and beautiful photography attract audiences from around the world. Seoul, often the filming location of these dramas, features a number of romantic destinations. This map highlights some of the most iconic locations from Korean Dramas that you can go … Read more

10 Reasons Why Autumn is Seoul Romantic

Love is in the (Autumn) air K-Dramas have been feeding us tales of romantic Autumn stories for the longest time. Somehow, Oscar-worthy kissing scenes or tear-jerking breakups tend to happen in the midst of lush forests surrounded by falling leaves, and rightly so! If you fancy a refreshing change from the endless shopping and eating, … Read more

A Short Guide to Seoul Airport Transfers

There are a number of ways to reach the city from Seoul’s Incheon Airport. This quick guide will give you a rundown of the different options for transportation from the airport to the city. Once clearing immigration and collecting your bags, your journey hasn’t ended just yet as the airport lies nearly 50 km outside of … Read more

Your Chinese Zodiac Is Telling You To Visit This Destination In 2018

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Tips And Tricks To Explore Seoul With Your Family Ft @bongqiuqiu

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TRIED & TESTED: Bizarre Korean Beauty Products Are Worth The Money!

Are you ready for that glow up? If you’re heading to Seoul, brace yourselves for an excessive amount of beauty shops! As you walk through the beauty cafes that take over the streets of Myeongdong, you’ll realize that the billion dollar beauty industry in South Korea is no joke. Both women and men experiment with … Read more