Try Fine Dining In An Airplane In The Heart Of KL City

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The Incredible Guide To The Best Insta-Worthy Cafes In Kuala Lumpur

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KL by Night: 6 Activities in Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, may be one of the younger cities in the Southeast Asian region but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the kind of place that prefers an early night. When you’ve finished sightseeing for the day, have a quick wash and brush-up then head back out into the city. Here are my top … Read more

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3 Day Guide to KL

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4 Spectacular Attractions in Kuala Lumpur to Visit

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most fascinating cities on the Asian continent, and is the capital of Malaysia. With a booming population of 7.1 million people, Kuala Lumpur is at once modern and historic, boasting a number of attractions you won’t want to miss. Some of the most well-known things to do and see … Read more