5 Tokyo Thrills You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

The party never stops in Tokyo! Known as a land of ultramodern technology infused with quirkiness, the city is lit with amazing experiences you simply need to try out. Check out these uniquely-Japan activities that will make your trip one you’ll never forget! 1. Indulge in free-flow sake all night long What is a party … Read more

10 Tokyo’s Weirdest Cafés And Where To Find Them

Out of this world dining experiences! No force in existence can put a halt to Japan’s love affair with the bizarre. From ridiculous game shows to wild beauty trends, Japan never fails to disappoint those on the hunt for the unusual. One of Japan’s most popular oddities is its famed themed cafés. Allow yourself to … Read more

Ultimate Travel Guide for Japan Tokyo Skyliner

Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway is the fastest and most convenient transportation from Narita Airport to Ueno. It can be reached in as little as 41 minutes, and foreigners also have Skyliner + Tokyo Metro discount tickets. Keisei Electric Railway Skyliner Limited Express Seat ▇ Skyliner ticket with seat number There are round trips from 7am … Read more