Best of Osaka

Best of Osaka Visit Osaka, the second largest metropolis after Tokyo, for some good food, scenic sights, and great fun! Discover the historical Osaka Castle, the impressive structure of the Umeda Sky Building, or one of the world’s largest Aquariums – Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. If you’re up for great food, head down to Dōtonbori street … Read more

Top 10 Easter Holiday Destinations in Asia

For many parts of the world, the Easter break brings an extended holiday with a few extra days off work, allowing you to explore a little further afield than your usual weekend getaway. Easter symbolises the beginning of spring for the northern hemisphere: an idyllic time to get out into the countryside or see city foliage in full … Read more

How To Eat Your Way Through Osaka: The Kitchen Of Japan

Dive into “The Kitchen Of Japan” Osaka always seemed to be the less attractive cousin of Japan but has recently been stealing the limelight with powerhouse attractions like Universal Studios Japan. Before it became home to one of Japan’s favourite theme parks, Osaka was already gaining a reputation for producing some of the country’s most … Read more