Reasons Why You Should Stay in a Capsule Hotel in Japan (At Least Once)

Traditionally, capsule hotels in Japan were designed to cater to hard working business men who worked hard into the night, or schmoozed clients over karaoke so successfully that the time got away from them and they missed the last train home. Stuck in the city overnight, the added expense of accommodation at a capsule hotel … Read more

Do You Want to Buld a Snowman? Let’s Head to Hokkaido for Christmas

When it comes to the holiday spirit, Hokkaido, Japan lights one of the brightest candles in Asia. If your vision of Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a chill in the air and a blanket of crisp snow on the ground, Hokkaido is it. The second-largest island in Japan, Hokkaido makes up 20% of the country’s … Read more

The One of A Kind Hipster Side to Sapporo

All you intrepid travellers on the lookout for hip cities with a vibrant culture, local shopping and indie cafes and restaurants to unearth, it’s time to add Sapporo to your bucket list. The capital city of Hokkaido exudes a cool, understated vibe that belies a wealth of hidden finds, which is sure to charm even the most travel-weary … Read more

Travel Diary: Trip to Tianjin in 3 Days

When my friends suggested going to Tianjin for our graduation trip, I was bemused. “If we’re going to China, why not head for the bigger metropolitan cities like Shanghai or Beijing instead? Are there really things to do in Tianjin?” A quick Google search later, however, I was enlightened. At first, Tianjin seems like a … Read more