What To Do When You Have 72 Hours In Osaka This Autumn

What To Do When You Have 72 Hours In Osaka This Autumn All it takes is 3 (Autumn) days to fall in love with Osaka Most people liken Osaka to Tokyo with its hustle and bustle and skyscrapers. Osaka’s cultural draw also doesn’t quite shine as bright as Kyoto’s. Still, this second largest city in … Read more

Universal Studios Japan Update: Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019

Universal Studios Japan Update: Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019 A festival of endless thrill Anime fans, Universal Studios Japan has once again turned into your playground! Returning for the 5th year with the biggest event yet, Universal Cool Japan will be happening from 18 January to 25 August 2019. This year’s Universal Cool Japan will … Read more

10 Romantic Destinations That Are Just Better Together

Two is better than one When you’re in love, you don’t need a holiday to express your love for your significant other, but it sure is a great excuse to be cheesy and pull of something extremely romantic! So for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, why not skip the overpriced chocolates and flowers, and surprise your … Read more

Best of Osaka

Best of Osaka Visit Osaka, the second largest metropolis after Tokyo, for some good food, scenic sights, and great fun! Discover the historical Osaka Castle, the impressive structure of the Umeda Sky Building, or one of the world’s largest Aquariums – Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. If you’re up for great food, head down to Dōtonbori street … Read more

10 Hidden Japan Attractions Best Accessed With A Kintetsu Rail Pass

Explore Japan’s best kept secrets with your Kintetsu Rail Pass! The Japanese transport system is notoriously confusing but yet we all know it’s the most efficient and cheapest way to get around! While we all know and love the usual hits in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, there’s so much more to be explored. The Japanese … Read more

Enjoy Free Entry And Unlimited Travel In Osaka With This Amazing Pass

More than amazing We all know travelling can sometimes be a costly affair, with attraction tickets and transport taking up most of the budget! Enter the Osaka Amazing Pass. With FREE entry to over 30 attractions and unlimited travel throughout Osaka, you can be sure this will be the one of best S$30+ you’ll spend on … Read more

10 Cool Things To Do In Osaka

Usually overlooked for bustling Tokyo metropolis or romantic and charming Kyoto, Osaka holds its own as a gourmands’ land. An underrated city, known as Japan’s Kitchen, it is undeniably a food lover’s paradise. Dishes such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki and kitsune udon adored by many around the world, all originate from this part of Japan. With … Read more