Japan Itinerary – Popular Routes To Take

Singaporeans definitely have the hots for the Japanese way of life. Singapore is in the top 10 countries sending the most number of visitors to Japan! Whether we go there for the delicious Japanese food, the historical sights, or the kawaii culture, there is no denying we love holidaying in Japan. Colourful as it is, … Read more

List Do’s and Dont’s When You Travel Japan – A Singaporean’s Guide

Japan is easily one of the top travel destinations for Singaporeans. There is an abundance of cultural sights, delicious food, greenery, and Instagrammable spots in Japan you’ll find nowhere else. Other than that, Japan’s myriad shopping options, modern amenities, and incredibly polite locals make any visit to Japan a memorable one. As much as we … Read more

Sakura Season in Japan 2020: When & Where To Admire

Japan has always been a tourist hotspot, regardless of the season. However, when springtime comes around, the tourists flock to the country for one reason only: cherry blossoms. Due to its immense popularity, many people consider the cherry blossom to be Japan’s national flower. The cherry blossoms’ blooming period will last only about 14 days … Read more

Japan in Spring: 8 Things Must See (Exclude Cherry Blossoms)

Japan is easily one of the world’s most popular spring destinations and it’s easy to see why. Spring season in Japan means only one thing: cherry blossoms! For years, cherry blossoms have been the main draw of this beautiful city with millions of tourists participating in cherry blossom viewing or hanami. However, Japan is so … Read more

Cherry Blossoms 2018 – Sakura Forecast Dates – Japan, Korea, Taiwan

The best time of year to visit Japan is during the Cherry Blossoms season. ‘Hanami’ or cherry blossom viewing, is a pretty magical experience as you wander through tree groves under the bloom of delicate petals of the sakura (cherry) and ume (plum) trees. The magic of hanami can also be experienced in Taiwan and … Read more

Most Delicious Food in Osaka, Japan

Asia’s Greatest Food Cities Friends, countrymen, makan kaki, lend me your ears. I shall show you the way to paradise. Food paradise, that is. Loosen your belt and get your ENO ready, for we are about to journey through Asia’s Greatest Food Cities and mark out the treasures the great food gods have laid on … Read more

Ultimate Travel Guide for Japan Tokyo Skyliner

Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway is the fastest and most convenient transportation from Narita Airport to Ueno. It can be reached in as little as 41 minutes, and foreigners also have Skyliner + Tokyo Metro discount tickets. Keisei Electric Railway Skyliner Limited Express Seat ▇ Skyliner ticket with seat number There are round trips from 7am … Read more

Ways to Spend A Week’s Holiday in Fukuoka

Fukuoka, Japan is a large city close to Seoul. Its proximity to Korea has helped to establish its historical reputation as a trade centre and as a crossroads of different cultural influences. You’ll find this fame well-earned as there are many cultural institutions, museums and shopping malls to enthrall a visitor. Have seven days and … Read more

Travel Diaries: Doe-Eyed in Fascinating Nara, Japan

As the ancient capital of Japan, Nara boasts some of the most impressive sights (and deer!) throughout the country. There are indeed numerous beautiful temples in Nara, but you don’t have to worry about not being able to see everything in one day. The main attractions in Nara are located pretty close to each other … Read more

Travel Diaries: Little Miss Bento in Kanazawa, Japan

Known as the Little Kyoto, Kanazawa is the capital city of Ishikawa prefecture. Filled with beautiful historical houses, geisha and samurai districts, traditional arts and handicrafts and beautifully preserved gardens, Kanazawa is one of the most significant cities of the Edo period. With the new shinkansen (bullet train) line directly linking Tokyo to Kanazawa, it … Read more