Reasons Why Nusa Penida Is The Hidden Bali Gem You Need To Visit

Bali’s offshore Instagram haven Nusa Penida Island is one of Bali’s many offshore islands that many have recently come to know and love. Home to beautiful rock formations, clear blue waters, a huge array of marine life (read: dolphins) and chill vibes all around, it’s no wonder many flock here to experience the island life. … Read more

Tried and Tested: Nusa Lembongan Reef Cruise

Tried and Tested: Nusa Lembongan Reef Cruise Bali, the paradise of Southeast Asia, also known as “that place where Julia Roberts loves at some point in Eat, Pray, Love”, is one of my favourite destinations in Indonesia and the reason is simple: Bali has so many things to do that every time I visit, I find new … Read more

5 of the Best Diving Locations in Asia

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Travel Around the World in Seven 7-Elevens

Open to the public 24/7, a new store born every 2-hours, more locations than McDonalds. These credentials can only fit one store, and that’s 7-Eleven. Most Americans see the place as merely a store to buy slurpees and snack food, but to other countries, it’s a lifesaving mothership. From picking up packages to providing hearty meals, 7-Elevens … Read more

Bali: An Amazing 4-Day Itinerary

We’ve been hard at work considering how to fit the best of Bali into one of our ‘A Weekend In’ itineraries. After much thought, however, it occurred to us that it just wouldn’t work – should you wish for a full, satisfying trip to the Indonesian island, we reckon you stick around for at least four … Read more

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The Cool 4D3N Bali Itinerary You Need For The Perfect Island Getaway

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Your Chinese Zodiac Is Telling You To Visit This Destination In 2018

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