9 Unusual Attractions in Asia

You’ve probably heard of all the big name theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios and Legoland. If you’re a parent or theme park lover, it’s even likely you’ve already been to them all. So if you’re all ‘mickey’d’ out, seen enough disney princesses to last a life time and been frightened by Jaws and Jurassic … Read more

Weekends In Bali: Your Eat Pray Love Getaway In Ubud

Things to do in Ubud Source : onegai-kaeru  Ubud – the cultural heart of Bali is definitely not to be missed on your trip to Indonesia. Located amongst the rice paddies and just an hour’s drive away from the airport, here’s what to expect in this quaint little town. Ubud is not your ordinary Balinese … Read more

Top 5 Freediving Spots in Southeast Asia

Top 5 Freediving Spots in Southeast Asia How long can you hold your breath for? Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on the divers’ ability to hold their breath for the whole length of the dive. Called the “ballsiest sport on Earth” and boasting a movie by Luc Besson made in its … Read more

Top 10 Easter Holiday Destinations in Asia

For many parts of the world, the Easter break brings an extended holiday with a few extra days off work, allowing you to explore a little further afield than your usual weekend getaway. Easter symbolises the beginning of spring for the northern hemisphere: an idyllic time to get out into the countryside or see city foliage in full … Read more