Top Recommended Hotel Picks for Family Staycation

The word staycation can be quite calming for parents with kids especially when you don’t have to stress planning flight schedules and airport transfers. Sometimes it’s a little easier to stay put and enjoy what you have at your doorstep. Lucky for us, there are some simply amazing family-friendly hotels in Singapore, with unique kids … Read more

7 Cheap Weekend Getaways for Travelers on a Budget

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Top 5 World’s Cheapest Destinations to Travel To

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Japan Itinerary – Popular Routes To Take

Singaporeans definitely have the hots for the Japanese way of life. Singapore is in the top 10 countries sending the most number of visitors to Japan! Whether we go there for the delicious Japanese food, the historical sights, or the kawaii culture, there is no denying we love holidaying in Japan. Colourful as it is, … Read more

Sakura in Korea 2020: When & Where to Admire

Many might assume that Japan is the only place you can appreciate the beauty of the sakura season. What they might not know is that South Korea has cherry blossom trees that are just as beautiful. In fact, there are several regions in the country blessed with cherry blossom trees which bloom come springtime. In … Read more

Mid Autumn Festival: A Weekend in Hong Kong

The 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar (usually in September or October), when the moon is at it’s fullest and brightest, marks the day of the Mid Autumn Festival in Chinese culture. For locals, it’s time to leave work behind and meet with families and for expats and travelers, to get their travel bug fix … Read more

7 Amazing Weekend Getaways To Do Solo

While it can be scary at first, going on solo weekend getaways can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience that allows you to see different places in a new way. Travelling with a large group of people can be a taxing. Activities, schedules, and accommodations all have to be agreed upon and planned ahead of … Read more

Best Yoga Resorts and Retreats in India

Have you been feeling stressed and burnt out? If yes, then you are badly in need of some R&R. Why not try and take your relaxation game to another level by going on a retreat for yoga in India? India is the motherland of yoga. Naturally, ashrams, yoga centres, and retreats are in abundance in … Read more

Best Places to Go in December

December is one of the busiest times of the year as people all over the globe gear up for the most highly-anticipated holiday – Christmas! This holiday is best spent with family and loved ones. But it’s also a good time to bust out that passport and go on a trip to create some unforgettable … Read more