Ultimate Bangkok Travel Guide 2017 – Part 1 (What to expect)

Crowds, Chaos, Delicious thai food & Affordable clothes. Crazy nightlife. Bangkok has all of it! A city that afterwards fascinated me and first repulsed, Bangkok provides more than meets the vision.

Upon arrival, some people immediate reaction is either love or hate.  Neither have mixed opinions about the city.

I couldn’t wait to leave after I first came to Bangkok. As a city, there simply wasn’t a lot. There were a plethora of the Grand Palace, temples, Wat Pho, and a few malls. But after two days, I was prepared to leave and not return. Yet Bangkok has a lot to offer. I simply did it is known by n’t.

It’s crowded and polluted,  traffic is crazy, and the place seems to be completely in chaos

Grand Palace Bangkok, Wat Pho, and some malls,   I was ready to leave after few days and never though of coming back. In 2008, I spent a night in Khao San Street and then went to Phuket.

However, Bangkok does have a lot to offer— just that I did not know it during that time. I was looking for other stuff in a city that lacked touristy stuff. Then, I decided to learn Thai that I found myself on an extended stay in the city.

The longer I remained, the mo re the town opened and that there some thing was comprehended by me. What Bangkok has to provide is joy, foods, and night life. Bangkok is an onion: it really is lots of levels and you should pare them again to locate its question!

Interesting that if you are looking for backpacker option, Khao San Road are perfect for you and are open 24 hours a day!

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The local expat scene downtown, however, is where the real fun happens. These expats mix with the local Thais throughout the city and it’s a whirlwind of fun. They cut loose every night in a neverending supply of bars that are packed no matter what day of the week.

Bangkok is among the best cities on earth. You will get a road cart filled with meals everywhere you move in the Metropolis of Angels. Where you’dn’t anticipate anybody to move there are also road carts on small tiny roads.

Starving at 5am? There somewhere near that’s available. The truth is, actually if you trekkd in to the rainforest, you locate a food seller waiting to nourish you. They’re productive…and they plate up the complete finest meals in Siam.

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Moreover, given the growing international influence in the city, you’ll find top-notch food from around the world here: Bangkok has some of the best Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern food in the world, and there’s a growing beer, whisky, and burger scene.

There are many shopping malls in the city. However, a mall isn’t just ordinary shopping mall.  It’s a also cinema, restaurant plaza, bar, food store, bowling alley and more! They’re entertainment complexes that are too often overlooked.

Its highrise buildings, significant traffic congestion, extreme warmth, and nightlife that is naughty may not immediately give you the best impression. Nonetheless, Bangkok can be one of the many multicultural cities of Asia, with spectacular temples and palaces, marketplaces that are active, and a vibrant nightlife that’s something for everyone.

Many travelers hate Bangkok for all the reasons I first hated it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you get lost in this chaotic city. But when you look beyond the chaos and peel back Bangkok’s layers, the city opens up.

You’ll find that there’s plenty to do, but those activities only reveal themselves to those who approach the city’s external image as if it’s there to weed out the weak.

Bangkok Girlfriend
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It was a position where I got a job, friends, a girlfriend, and a routine and constructed a whole life. I came here a stranger, understanding only one man and not talking the language, and I left with a life.

Regardless of where I move, the length of time I’m eliminated, or what I do, Bangkok may often be home to me.

– Part 2 

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