Universal Surprise Halloween Makes A Incredible Return In 2019 At Universal Studios Japan

The much-anticipated Halloween event at Universal Studios Japan

Get ready for a spooky and spectacular event at Universal Studios Japan from 6 September to 4 November 2019! This year’s Halloween special will see the most number of attractions with six new experiences and major upgrades from last year’s offering.

There are 3 types of Halloween events – Screaming Halloween, Otona (adult) Halloween, and Kowa Kawa Halloween (kid-friendly). Remember to Tripsle your direct-entry Universal Studios Japan passes so you can enter the park directly with the e-voucher.

Tripsle pro-tip: Halloween is a very popular time in Universal Studios Japan, so you can expect a huge crowd. To ensure that you have ample time to experience your favourite attractions, you can get a Universal Surprise Halloween Express Pass to skip the long queues!

Read on to find out what you to expect at the 2019 Universal Surprise Halloween in Universal Studios Japan.

Screaming Halloween

Street Zombies

Hell has taken over Universal Studios theme park with a spooky atmosphere and scary monsters lurking around. Keep your eyes peeled for the ravenous zombies waiting for a taste of your brain at different corners of the park.

Location: Park-wide

Time: 6pm till closing

Zombie de Dance

As zombies rule over the park, you can expect to see a celebration of zombie festival in hell. There will be dance performances and for the first time this year, infamous powerful monsters making an appearance.

Location: Park-wide

Time: Varies from day to day

Biohazard: The Extreme (NEW)

A new attraction for Halloween this year, this survival horror maze is filled with non-stop terror. Try your very best to escape the threats of zombies, G-viruses, and every imaginable undead along the way.

Location: Palace Theater

Time: 10am till closing

Area 51 – Unidentified Encounter (NEW)

Step into Area 51, a hidden place infested with mutant species. Get ready to face unknown specimen and unchartered territories in this new and shocking Space Horror Maze.

Location: Backdraft

Time: 10am till closing

Space Fantasy – The Ride: Black Hole (NEW)

In this thrilling dark ride, feel yourself anxiously anticipate as you fall helpless into total darkness not knowing what to expect. As you revolve and spin in pitch black, you won’t be able to help but scream your lungs out!

Location: Space Fantasy – The Ride

Time: Park opening till closing

Sadako – The Cursed Attraction

Your nightmares have come true and Sadako is out to get you. Based on the antagonist from the movie The Ring, experience the curse of Sadako firsthand in this horror attraction! We can’t promise that you will leave the theatre unscathed

Location: Terminator 2: 3-D® Facilities

Time: 6pm till closing

Cult of Chucky – Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness

Another horror name that is no stranger to us all is Chucky. Back for the 6th time in Japan, think twice before stepping into Harrogate Hospital.More cruel and brutal than ever, he will attack, chop, and dismember any unsuspecting patient!

Location: Stage 18

Time: 12pm till closing

Otona Halloween

Hotel Albert II – REQUIEM –

Step into the dark and glamorous Hotel Albert where vampires and ghost pirates wander! As you enter the hotel, you can talk to the characters, witness the incident and you’ll eventually be separated from your group. Housed within a large complex, you can expect the most elaborate and dramatic experience in this horror maze.

Location: Stage 18

Time: 10am till closing

Blood Legend

Feel the goosebumps as you walk into the house of legendary vampires wandering around looking for human blood. With 4D theatre effects, you just might confuse fiction for reality.

Location: Cinema 4-D Theater

Time: 6pm till closing

Park Side Grille – Cursed Rose Banquet (NEW)

Come dine in perhaps the eeriest restaurant and join a dinner party hosted by the deceased mistress of the house. While this horror restaurant for adults is not for the faint-hearted, they do however serve some pretty tasty dishes.

Location: Park Side Grille

Time: 5:30pm till 30 mins before closing (open from 8 Sep 2019)

Otona Halloween Area: The Cursed Rose Garden (NEW)

Take a walk through the enchanting and beautiful maze covered with crimson red roses and spralling vines. However, keep your eyes open and beware of the lurking danger around the corner.

Location: Central Park

Time: 6pm till closing

Kowa Kawa Halloween

Festa de Parade

Don’t worry, for the ones who aren’t fans of the wicked and haunted, there are plenty in store as well! This Mardi Gras inspired parade with characters in Kowa Kawa costumes will definitely leave the young ones delighted.

With confetti, bubbles, foam, ribbons and a whole lot of song and dance, you can be sure that they will be entertained. For those waiting in the “Minions ‘Cute-N-Spooky’ Party Area” will have plenty of surprises waiting even before the parade starts!

Location: Parade Route

Time: 2:30pm for 45 minutes (schedule might vary from day to day)

Happy Trick or Treat

It’s not Halloween without Trick o Treating! In this version, there are plenty of Treats to go around! With a waterfall of candies and sweets pouring down, it’s definitely every kids’ dream come true. There will also be plenty of singing and dancing with the characters in Kowa Kawa costumes!

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Time: 10am to 1pm

Itazura Street (NEW)

If you like a little Trick to go with your Treats, this fun new area is the place to be! With the park’s jolly entertainers, learn how to play fun tricks or be tricked! Filled with plenty of surprises, just come prepared with a big smile and jolly attitude.

Location: New York Area

Time: 10am to 1pm

Wonderland Season Joy: Halloween Version

Come meet the theme park characters dressed up in ‘kira kira’ (shiny) costumes. They may look a little scary at first but you’ll find them to be cute and friendly! As usual, they will be lots of chance to sing, dance, and have a great time together!

Location: Universal Wonderland

Time: Varies from day to day

Universal Market & Night Market

Welcome to the Halloween-special Universal Market with plenty of wacky and limited food, fun tricks, happy surprises, and trippy photo spots with trick art. Come evening time, the market transforms into a Night Market filled with special food experiences which include zombie motif menu.

Location: Universal Market

Time: Varies from cart to cart. Night market starts from 6pm onwards.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Halloween can be experienced right here in Hogsmeade Village as well. With decorations from fellow wizards, it’s a sight to behold this time of the year! Children can also experience Trick or Treat here. Simply find a wizard, say the magic words ‘trick or treat’ and then receive a surprise gift of candy!

Prepare for plenty of candy and screams!

While we all tend to get excited by the thought of horror houses and free candy, there plenty more in Universal Studios Japan to explore as well. Some of the must-rides include The Flying Dinosaur Coaster and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Check out our guide to Universal Studios Japan for more. Don’t forget to get your express passes for the rides as well if you wish to skip the queues!