Universal Surprise Halloween 2018 Returns To Universal Studios Japan

The biggest Halloween event at Universal Studios Japan

Get ready for a spooky and spectacular event at Universal Studios Japan from 7 Sep to 4 Nov 2018! Apart from the park’s classic Universal Surprise Halloween, the event undergoes a huge upgrade this year!

There are 3 types of Halloween events: Otona (adult) Halloween, Zekkyo Halloween (Halloween Horror Nights) and Kowa Kowa Halloween (kid friendly). The attractions are rated from 1 to 5 with 1 being the least scary. Whatever your scare level, you’ll find something to do this Halloween!

Read on to find out what you to expect other than getting the fright of your lives.

Getting Tickets

Do note that a regular admission ticket is required to enter the park and apart from a few special experiences, halloween attractions are included with park admission. Tripsle your regular Universal Studios Japan tickets and skip the lines! Just flash your mobile e-voucher at the turnstiles and you’re all set.

Here are some special experiences that require additional tickets:

Attraction Ticket Needed
Hotel Albert Hotel Albert Full Experience Pass
Hotel Albert Lounge and Photo Spot Hotel Albert Full Experience Pass OR

Otona Halloween Set Premium

Silence in the Ghost Ship Entry Ticket to maze can be collected from Battery Park (across Mel’s Drive in)

OR skip the line with the Halloween Horror Night Set

Insidious: The Last Key Entry ticket to maze can be collected from Stage 14 USJ Annual Pass Center

OR skip the line with the Halloween Horror Night Set

Tips and tricks to conquering Halloween

Halloween in Universal Studios Japan is one of the most popular events so a huge turnout is definitely expected. If you hate waiting in line, we have some answers for you.

  • Opt for the 1.5 Day Universal Studios Japan ticket to ensure that you have sufficient time to cover all the rides as well as all the horror attractions

  • Tripsle your Halloween Express passes and skip the lines!

  • You are allowed to dress up as long as you abide to Universal Studios Japan guidelines.

  • We’ve also included the time required to experience each attraction so you can best plan for your time!

  • We’d recommend getting the tickets for the horror mazes that require separate entrance tickets the moment you enter the park as they run out quite quickly!

The Halloween attractions open progressively throughout the day so be sure to plan your time around them.

Attraction Opening time
Cult of Chucky 10am
The Survival – Deadman’s Forest 2 10am
Hotel Albert 12pm
Silence in the Ghost Ship 12pm
Insidious: The Last Key 12pm
Street Zombies 6pm
Blood Legend 6pm
Sadako 6pm

Otona Halloween

1. Hotel Albert

Step into the dark and glamorous Hotel Albert where vampires and ghost pirates wander! Encounter spine tingling thrills as you try to solve a murder mystery that took place in this very hotel. This immersive experience will have the performers interacting with you up close like never before. Housed within a 4 storey complex, you can expect the most elaborate and dramatic experience in this horror maze.

You are required to understand and converse in Japanese to fully enjoy this experience.

Minimum age: 15

Horror level: Unknown

Time required: 80 minutes

2. Silence in the Ghost Ship

If you’ve watched the movie The Quiet Place, then you just might survive a visit to the Ghost Ship. For the uninitiated, silence is essential if you wish to avoid the ghosts that lurk around this haunted ship.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level: 4

Time required: 30 minutes

3. Blood Legend

This horror theatre show takes you deep into the legendary lair of a vampire. With 4D theatre effects, you just might confuse fiction for reality.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level: 3

Show duration: 10 minutes

Halloween Horror Nights (Zekkyo Halloween)

1. Insidious – The Last Key

Fans of horror films will definitely know the name Insidious. Released earlier this year, the film centres around a couple and their son who move into house haunted by an evil entity.

If you’ve watched the movie you’ll know just how scary this house will be. If you haven’t, you’re in for a real horrifying treat.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level : 5

Time required: 5 minutes

2. Cult of Chucky

Another horror name that is no stranger to us all is Chucky. Back for the 5th time in Japan, think twice before stepping into Harrogate Hospital. Countless Good Guy dolls have taken over the wards and all we can say is it’s not for the faint hearted.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level : 5

Time required: 5 minutes

3. The Survival – Deadman’s Forest 2

If you haven’t heard of the saying survival of the fittest, you just might learn the hard way here. In this mission-based outdoor horror attraction, only the strong can complete their mission and ultimately survive. With giant mutated monsters roaming the grounds, be sure to watch your back.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level: 4

Time required: 25 minutes

4. Sadako

Another recurring theme that all you horror fanatics will definitely remember is Sadako! Based off the antagonist from the movie The Ring, catch her in The Terminator 2:3D theatres. But be warned, we can’t promise that you will leave the theatre unscathed. It is said that this attraction is cursed.

Minimum age: 12

Horror level: 3

Time required: 20 minutes

5. Street Zombies

The streets of Universal Studios Japan are not safe. With free roaming zombies prowling the streets of Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park and Amity Village, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Seek refuge at the following safe areas: Hollywood Zone (leading to park exit), Minion Park, Universal Wonderland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Horror level: 3

Kowa Kowa Halloween (Family Friendly)

1. Festa de Parade

Don’t worry, we haven’t left out the little ones! This Mardi Gras inspired parade featuring the Franken-minions will definitely leave the young ones delighted. With confetti, bubbles, foam, ribbons and a whole lot of song and dance, you can be sure that they will be entertained.

2. Character greetings

There will be 2 character greeting where your favorite characters will be dressed up! The Minions Hacha Mecha Greeting session will be held at Minion Park whereas the Wonderland Happy Greeting will be at Universal Wonderland.

3. Happy Trick or Treat

It’s not Halloween without Trick o Treating! Young children will squeal in excitement to know that each kid will be given 1 bag which they can stuff as much candy as they want to in the candy grabbing frenzy!

P.S. Even if you didn’t stay for the candy grabbing event, you can approach any park staff wearing pumpkin shaped sling bags or leather satchels with pumpkin charms at Hogsmeade to get free candy! Don’t forget to say the magic words Trick or Treat!

Halloween is not just all candy and screams!

While we all tend to get over excited by the thought of horror houses and free candy, there is so much more in Universal Studios Japan to explore. Some of the must rides include The Flying Dinosaur Coaster and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Check out our guide to Universal Studios Japan for more! Don’t forget to get your express passes for the rides as well if you wish to skip the queues!

After the days of fun in Universal Studios Japan, don’t forget to get your Osaka Amazing Pass to check out the rest of Osaka’s top attractions!