Universal Studios Japan Update: Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019

Universal Studios Japan Update: Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019

A festival of endless thrill

Anime fans, Universal Studios Japan has once again turned into your playground! Returning for the 5th year with the biggest event yet, Universal Cool Japan will be happening from 18 January to 25 August 2019.

This year’s Universal Cool Japan will feature themes from popular anime shows like ‘Lupin the Third’, ‘Detective Conan’, ‘Attack on Titan’, ‘Sailor Moon, ‘Evangelion’, and ‘Godzilla’.

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Universal Cool Japan 2019 – Spring update

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Separated into spring and summer seasons, the current Spring cycle features ‘Detective Conan’ and ‘Lupin the Third’. The summer wave will begin from 31 May 2019 onwards and will feature a line-up of four spectacular worlds – ‘Attack on Titan’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Evangelion’, and ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’!

More information for the summer attractions for Cool Japan will be released closer to the date so keep a lookout. For now, keep reading to find out what the spring season in Universal Cool Japan has in store!

Detective Conan: The World

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There’s a jewel hidden somewhere in the mansion and your mission in ‘Detective Conan: The Escape’ is to find the jewel before Kid the Phantom Thief, Detective Conan’s greatest rival. In pursuit of the hidden gem, you will encounter a series of traps and discovery! Work together to Conan and the gang to outsmart these puzzles and find the treasure before Kid the Phantom Thief does.

If that leaves you wanting for more mysteries to solve, no fret! Get your blood pumping for ‘Detective Conan: Mystery Challenge’. In this detective experience, you will join Heiji to face Kid the Phantom Thief’s challenges and venture around the park to solve a case. Will you crack the code and be successful in the pursuit of the truth?

Event period: 18 January to 23 June 2019

(‘Detective Conan: Mystery Challenge’ will be available until 26 May 2019)

Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride

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Are you ready to step on the gas and go for a wild car chase? After stealing from the museum, Lupin the Third and gang attempt a great escape and you’re in on it! In this non-stop, high-speed car chase XR ride, you will feel nothing short of excitement. You will race through the forest, swerve along the cliffs, and more to escape the hot pursuit of Inspector Zenigata!

Event period: 18 January to 23 June 2019

Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019 Menu

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Mystery never sleeps and it sure never does in ‘Detective Conan: Mystery Restaurant’! This brand new food and mystery experience at this restaurant lets you take on Kid the Phantom Thief’s challenge alongside Shinichi. You might just hold the key to solving everything. Even if you don’t, at least you get to enjoy a fantastic meal!


Photo Credit: ©モンキー・パンチ/TMS・NTV

For another thrilling encounter with Lupin the Third, head over to ‘Lupin the Third Ristorante Amore‘. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in one of Lupin’s favourite restaurants. You might just catch Lupin himself as he escapes from Inspector Zenigata mid-chase. As you enjoy your meal, you’ll also fall under the charms of Lupin, the greatest thief in the world.

Photo Credit: © SCRAP All Rights Reserved | ©モンキー・パンチ/TMS・NTV

When in Universal Studios Japan, you gotta get a bucket of popcorn too. Why not get a limited popcorn bucket to go with it as well? For the Lupin and Conan enthusiasts, you’ll want to proudly walk around the park with these popcorn buckets on you!

Event period: 18 January to 26 May 2019

Universal Cool Japan Spring 2019 Merchandise


For fans of Cool Japan, you have to stop by the Universal Cool Japan souvenir store! Once you enter, you’ll find everything from keychain as mementoes to various merchandise and even extravagant costumes that are perfect for cosplays. You might not be able to help yourself but it’s okay, your wallet will understand.

How do I get tickets to Universal Cool Japan 2019?

Universal Studios Japan™

1 Day E-Ticket

Ticket A

Ticket B

Ticket C

Universal Cool Japan 2019

(does not include entry

to Universal Studios Japan)

Cool Japan Express Pass 1 (Lupin Special)

Cool Japan Express Pass (Detective Conan The Escape)

Cool Japan Express Pass 2 (Lupin & Conan)

You can access Universal Cool Japan 2019 with your Universal Studios Japan entry ticket. However, it’s worth noting that the lines can get quite long since it’s a popular event for not only visitors but many locals as well.

To save yourself the precious time of waiting hours in line, get your Universal Cool Japan 2019 Express Pass. You get to skip right through the long lines and have more time to experience the other parts of Universal Studios Japan.

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