Special discount packages for foreign tourists visiting Japan

Some people may see why the fare became 2,840 yen. In fact, this fare has an additional 24-hour ticket for the Tokyo Metro.

Let ’s talk about Tokyo Subway Ticket / Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway Pass fare
24-hour coupon Adult 800 yen, children 400yen
48-hour ticket Adult 1200 yen, children 600yen
72-hour ticket Adult 1500 yen, children 750yen


Let’s review again ~
Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway Ueno to and from Narita Airport
Ticket Price: Adult: 2520yen Children: 1270yen

There are special discount packages for foreign tourists visiting Japan, which are divided into one-way and round trip, as well as the discounted price of the subway 24.48.72 hour package.
Even children have preferential prices, which are in (brackets).

According to official information, the Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway round-trip ticket + Tokyo Metro Tokyo Subway Ticket 72-hour ticket can save up to 1,680yen, suitable for budget-conscious friends.

So Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway + Tokyo Subway Ticket, you can go to more places ~

Tokyo Subway Ticket Supplement:

Most of the transportation in Tokyo must take the tram + subway, unless you can plan the itinerary that can be reached by subway. Otherwise, my suggestion is to save time, after all, time is money ~ Generally speaking, depending on the itinerary, buying a one-day or two-day coupon is enough.


Okay, I’ve bought all the tickets. I’m going to take the Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway ~

You can see that the Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway is on the left, and JR is on the right.


This is Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway.



Skyliner Keisei Electric Railway’s seats are reserved seats, and it’s quite comfortable to sit up.
The green light below the front seat is a socket, which can also be charged and charged.


Arriving at Keisei Ueno Station smoothly, JR Ueno Station is about a three to six minute walk away.