Tips To Do when You’re Bumped (Dragged) Off A Flight

Don’t get dragged down by delays

We’ve all heard about the recent controversy surrounding United Airlines and a 69 year-old grandfather and if anything it served as an important reminder that one should always be prepared when going on holiday!

To prevent the same thing from happening to you, here’s some survival tips for how to avoid unpleasant travelling experiences and enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

1. Overbooking happens often in the airline industry

In order to maximize profits and minimize losses, airlines regularly oversell their flights based on the assumption that there will be a certain number of passengers who won’t turn up for their scheduled flight. Based on these projections, flight carriers estimate the number of “no-shows” and oversell accordingly.

In the event the plane is overbooked, airlines are legally obligated to first ask for volunteers before asking passengers to leave. This is a more common practice in the US and Europe, though local carriers have also been affected.

2. Don’t volunteer to deplane

Even though affected passengers will be compensated regardless, volunteers often don’t receive as much compensation as those chosen by the airline.

In the event that there are no volunteers, carriers typically choose the last person on board to bump first. Certain airlines also take the amount paid for the air ticket and frequent flyer status into consideration. Additionally, if you have multiple connections it is unlikely you will be chosen to deplane first. Moral of the story? Chalk up those miles and get yourself a frequent flyer membership to minimize the chances of being bumped off your flight.

3. Know how much compensation you should be getting

In the unlikely event you are are bumped off a local carrier like Scoot or Tigerair in Singapore, travellers can either board the next available flight or make your own arrangements and receive a refund in full. If the next available flight does not depart on the same day, passengers will be accommodated at a hotel.

Do also be aware that unless you get booked on the same class, fare and services as your original flight, you are entitled to claim compensation for any optional add-ons you’ve purchased including check-in baggage, preferential seating or meals.

For most other carriers, compensation typically takes two forms: in cash or in vouchers. Vouchers often come with hidden conditions of use, so accepting cash is always a wiser option. Be sure to read the conditions clearly before accepting any vouchers.

4. Safety reasons do not constitute grounds for compensation

If a carrier determines a passenger has safety-related issues including weight or balance, or if the flight has to use a smaller aircraft due to security or safety reasons, you will not be compensated.

5. You can ask for compensation even if you didn’t pay for your ticket

Even if you paid for your ticket in miles or flight vouchers, you are still entitled to some compensation usually amounting to the same as a passenger who’s purchased the cheapest ticket of the same class.

6. Ask to re-book or reschedule your activities

Some people choose to default on their travel activities thinking it would be too much of a hassle, but if you’ve booked with a credible travel company, chances are they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

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Travel Smart

Do always remember to use credible websites and platforms when planning for your holiday to avoid any unnecessary hassle and always be prepared for different kinds of circumstances! Happy travelling!