Tips And Tricks To Explore Seoul With Your Family Ft @bongqiuqiu

Hacks for family holidays in Seoul

Travelling with kids is no easy feat, just ask any parent! Whether it’s keeping a bored kid entertained for hours to finding food to suit their fussy tastebuds, the challenges are endless. We challenged our Tripsle travel curator @bongqiuqiu to bring her 3 year-old daughter @meregoround on a trip to Seoul. But the catch is, her husband will be the one planning the entire trip!

Read on to find out some tips you can take away if you’re a fellow parent!

1. Comfort is everything!

Let’s face it, children can be cranky little critters and don’t like to sit still for long. After a long flight, they’ll definitely be restless. Pre-book your Tripsle seoul airport transfers and whisk your children to your hotel in ultimate comfort.

Upon landing, head straight into your comfortable air-conditioned vehicle and let the experienced driver take you on your way. This way you won’t have to worry about struggling with baggage on public transport or even worse, getting lost.

2. Furry friends are stuffed animals come to life!

Can’t get your child to put down their iPads? A day trip to Alpaca World, Jade Garden, and Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Café just might do the trick! This day tour covers 3 child friendly places with transport included for the most hassle-free experience.

Head over to Alpaca World for a day out with these gentle furry creatures. Not only did Meredith love walking the alpacas, she even tried her hand at feeding the birds! There are also white deers and mules and you can even try out horseback riding here. If there is one thing all children love, it’s furry animals!

Apart from Alpaca World, the Tripsle tour will also take you to the Jade Garden Natural Arboretum where you’ll get to roam around 24 different themed areas with over 3000 different species of flowers. They’ll definitely be stopping to smell all the different vibrantly coloured flowers.

Lastly head over to the Gubongsan Mountain Observatory where they’ll enjoy checking out the views or just munching on a sweet treat from the cafe. Here’s where all parents can load up on their much needed caffeine boost.

3. Put them in outfits for royalty for gorgeous pictures

All children love to be treated like royalty and while not exactly a Disney princess or Prince Charming, they can experience a day in the life of royalty in seoul. If you want to take beautiful pictures of them on holiday, this is the best way to do it!

When in seoul, put them in a hanbok and let them explore the palace grounds! The little ones will surely love roaming around the royal gardens in their costumes.

Tripsle yourselves a hanbok rental and pick from a huge variety of colours and patterns. Be sure to colour coordinate with the family!

#Tripsletip: You’ll get to enter the palaces for free when you don a hanbok!

4. Tire the children out at Everland

Luckily for us, seoul is home to some of the biggest theme parks in South Korea! A trip to Everland Theme Park is just what you need to tire your children out for the whole day. Everland is home to some of the most exciting rides if your child is a daredevil as well as family friendly rides for the less adventurous.

If rides are not their thing, they will definitely love the safari world! Get up close and personal with animals like bears and giraffes as they walk right up to your vehicle for a closer look. Meredith even tried her hand at feeding some of these wildlife creatures!

Be sure to Tripsle your Everland theme park tickets to skip the lines! Just scan your mobile e-vouchers at the turnstiles and you’re all set. Afterall, you definitely wouldn’t want to be caught standing in line outside the theme park with an over excited child.

5. Express tickets are a must

Speaking of theme parks and skipping the lines, heading to a theme park without an express ticket can be quite a nightmare if you are a parent. Not only will your child see other children getting their turn, they might get pretty restless and run off. You might even have to leave the line to chase after them.

Tripsle your Everland Q Passes FREE and choose the activity of your choice that you’d like to skip the line for. With special Tripsle dedicated lines, you won’t have to worry about restless kids! Be sure to pre-book your Q Passes as these are first come first serve!

6. The Coex Aquarium is great for rainy days

A visit to the largest aquarium in seoul the Coex Aquarium is a definite must! With over 40000 sea creatures across 180 different display tanks, get ready to be taken to a whole new world underwater. The little ones will surely love spotting the sharks, turtles and octopus floating all around.

There are even touch pools where they have the opportunity to feel sea creatures like starfish or even feed them.

Be sure to Tripsle your Coex Aquarium tickets for a hassle-free experience! Tickets on Tripsle are open-dated, which means this activity can be a great back-up plan in the event of bad weather. Once you reach the aquarium, simply flash your Tripsle mobile voucher at the counter to redeem your entry tickets and prepare for a great time of fun and learning!

7. Porridge is great for picky eaters

They say a hungry man is an angry man and the same goes for children! While not all kids are used to the fermented kimchi taste or spicy soups, they definitely are used to the taste of porridge! Dami Porridge is home to some of the most delicious abalone and crab meat porridge that will satisfy even the fussiest eater. The best part about porridge is that you don’t even need to mince up the food for them!

Located in Myeongdong, you can fill their bellies with delicious porridge before heading to the shops along Myeongdong for your fill of Korean beauty products. Don’t forget to Tripsle your porridge sets and just flash your mobile vouchers to redeem them! This saves you the hassle of trying to figure out the Korean menu and you even get a discount.

8. WiFi is everything

While you’re travelling from place to place, if you need to entertain the little ones, showing them cute videos or mobile phone games are a great way to do so. For this, you’ll definitely be needing a 4G WiFi device for all your mobile data needs.

We’d opt for a WiFi device over a SIM Card so that you can connect multiple devices like your mobile phones as well as a tablet for your child to stream videos at the same time.

Tripsle your 4G WiFi device and pick it up at the airport before you leave. You can connect up to 3 devices at a time and if you’re flying out of a different Korean airport, you can even return it there!

Other kid friendly Seoul attractions

Lotte World is another giant theme park in seoul that all children will definitely love. With both an indoor and outdoor section, you can seek shelter from the heat (or cold) and the best part is, many of the rides are child friendly!

Poo Poo Land is also a place many kids will love! Watch them get all giggly learning about the workings of the digestive system and the importance of a healthy colon. But, there are also many colorful and interactive displays and games which will keep them busy for hours!

Do note that children aged 0-12 will need to be accompanied by a parent.

Travelling with family doesn’t have to be difficult!

Family trips are one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Not only will you get to escape from the stress of daily life, you’ll get to do it with your favourite people in the world.