The Singapore Zoo Comes Alive At Night With Rainforest Lumina

Watch the Singapore Zoo light up this July!

Most of us have probably visited the zoo in the day, but have you ever wondered what it’s like at night? Wonder no more and head down to the Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo. Happening this July, this multimedia night walk is in conjunction with the Singapore Zoo’s 45th birthday celebrations.

First ever in South East Asia, the Singapore Zoo has partnered with Canada’s Moment Factory to create this unique experience. Inspired by local culture and sights, watch the zoo light up. At this walking show, get a to explore the zoo like never had before!  Be surprised at every corner and bend of your illuminated rainforest trial.

Get your trekking boots on and gear up cause you’re about to embark on this remarkable adventure at Rainforest Lumina!

P.S. We love the animals as much as you do and not to worry as the animals won’t be affected at this experience. Instead, they are replaced by virtual animals that will keep you accompany on your journey!

Rainforest Lumina Singapore Zoo

With your handy dandy map, are you ready to Dora the explorer up your night at the zoo?

Rainforest Lumina Singapore Zoo Map

At the start of your magical journey, be greeted at the gate guarding your adventure – The Arch!

Rainforest Lumina The Arch Singapore Zoo

Before you start on your illuminating trail, don’t forget to snap a photo to mark the start of your journey!

Continue on by walking alone the treetops, taking in the scent of the forest before you arrive at the Garden of Virtues.

Pick a tribe at the Garden of Virtues!

Rainforest Lumina Garden of Virtues Singapore Zoo

When you see the tribe in a circle, that’s when you know that you’ve arrived at the Garden of Virtues!

Rainforest Lumina Garden of Virtues Singapore Zoo

Amidst the chirping crickets, pledge your allegiance here to the Creature Crew that best represents you.

Rainforest Lumina Creature Crew Bands Garden of Virtue Singapore Zoo

Pick a bracelet to be a part of the gang before you embark on your great quest deep into the rainforest.

Rainforest Lumina Luminous Pathway Singapore Zoo

After joining the crew, an entourage of fireflies celebrates the start of your adventure. At the Luminous Pathway, they help light up the way as you proceed on the trial. Be quick if you want to snap a photo with these buzzing virtual creatures as they zoom around pretty fast.

Rainforest Lumina sing like an Animal Singapore Zoo

As you bid the fireflies goodbye, move on and get your voices ready to sing. In Sing Like An Animal, use your sweetest singing voice to lure the animals from the Creature Crew out of hiding!

Rainforest Lumina Sing like an Animal Singapore Zoo

Sing your lungs out at any of the microphones located at the front of the exhibit. When it’s loud enough, the adorable sight of the animals poping out of the dark is one you will enjoy. Plus, each different coloured microphone awakens a different creature from the crew!

Rainforest Lumina Sing like an Animal Singapore Zoo

When you’ve had your fill of singing, the animals are ready to join you at the next segment, Call of the Wind!

Watch the animals in action at Call of the Wind

Rainforest Lumina Call of the Wind Singapore Zoo

At Call of the Wind, be amazed as the sounds of the rainforest such as croaking frogs fill the air before the start of this mini projection show. Soon, the gang will magically appear going about their daily lives, cohabiting in the beautiful forest. Watch how their motto, “We are One” comes into play when trouble strikes the rainforest! They’re definitely one of the rainforest’s most reliable protectors!

Tripsle tip: If you’re standing at the back and the show has already started, just hang around and proceed to the front for the next screening as it will only take a few minutes to get that good view!

Rainforest Lumina Call of the Wild Waterfall Singapore Zoo

Just around the bend after the show, keep a lookout for the lighted waterfall that you will pass by! Take a serene moment to slow down and enjoy the sounds of the falling water. Snap a few shots of this cascading beauty before continuing on the trail. But don’t keep your cameras just yet as the instagram worthy Light Huts is the next pit stop on your adventure!

Rainforest Lumina Light Huts Singapore Zoo

Here at the Light Huts, it’s like you’ve been transported into a mini African village! Let your senses be awaken by not just the lighten wooden fixtures and huts but also the flashing lights and jungle songs flooding the area.

Wakanda it up or strike up your favourite pose as you’re halfway through your rainforest adventure!

Rainforest Lumina Shimmering Islands Singapore Zoo

Continue on the lighted path as the blue shine leads you to the Shimmering Islands! Be amazed at the sparkle of the garden of orchid flowers that greets you at the islands. You can even take a slow stroll around this illuminated park in the middle of the rainforest.

Rainforest Lumina Shimmering Islands Singapore Zoo

Definitely a romantic spot to catch the stars if you’re here with your loved one!

Jump for joy at Play like an Animal!

Rainforest Lumina Play Like An Animal Singapore Zoo

After all that walking and singing your hearts out to reveal your inner animal, it’s time to hop around around with your favourite Creature Crew at Play like an Animal! An activity that they all love best while hanging around in the forest, join them and jump along at this stop of your adventure.

Rainforest Lumina Play like an Animal Singapore Zoo

Pick a colour pad of your choice and start bouncing to see the animals springing up in front of you! This is definitely one of the cuter sights not to be missed on your rainforest adventure.

Rainforest Lumina Wall of Fame Singapore Zoo

Now that you’ve ended your journey, the Creature Crew wants to commemorate your adventure by including you on their Wall of Fame! Simply scan your wristband, snap a picture and watch as the screen lights up. Spot your face in a frame with the animal that you’ve pledged your alliance to!

Rainforest Lumina Wall of Fame Singapore Zoo

Not all’s lost when it disappears off the wall! You can go home and scan the QR code to retrieve the photo and show off your digital momento.

Rainforest Lumina Lantern Passage Singapore Zoo

End your rainforest adventure and be sent home through the Lantern Passage. An instaworthy spot to show off to your friends, snap a few photos to update your page on your amazing night out at Rainforest Lumina!

Don’t leave without checking out the exclusive souvenirs!

Apart from your photos, you can even walk home with exclusive souvenirs to mark your special night out!

Rainforest Lumina Souvenirs Merchandise Singapore Zoo

If you like the animals of the Creature Crew, why not get a plus version of them to bring home. Or even a LED cap as a special souvenir to bring home to remember your illuminated journey at the Zoo!

Rainforest Lumina LED Band Singapore Zoo

Plus, for just SGD10, you can even get a customised light band in a colour of your choice that will come in handy for your next night time adventure, or even your visit to the Night Safari!

How to get your Rainforest Lumina tickets

Tripsle yourself a visit to the Singapore Zoo this July and experience for yourself this night time adventure! Skip the queues and purchase via the Tripsle website or app for a hassle free process. With a QR code, collection of your tickets are fuss free.

Rainforest Lumina Collection Note Kiosk Singapore Zoo

Simply proceed to the collection note kiosks located on the right of the ticketing lines and scan your QR code! Getting your entry ticket into Rainforest Lumina is as easy as that.

Rainforest Lumina Tripsle Goodie Bag

Starting from 21 July, when you Tripsle your Rainforest Lumina tickets, you’ll even receive an exclusive goodie bag! Flash your Lumina ticket at the stroller counter located on the right after admission to claim it. Do note that there are only 500 kits up for grabs.