The Marvelous Bangkok Shopping Guide

Shop your way through Bangkok!

In case you didn’t know, Bangkok happens to be one of the most incredible shopping destinations in the world! Filled with hundreds of shopping malls and markets, this is definitely a shopping lover’s paradise! And the best thing about shopping in Bangkok is that it doesn’t put a dent into the wallet! So get those credit cards ready ‘cause you’re about to go on a shopping experience like no other.

To help you navigate your way through the many shopping areas in this buzzing city, we’ve created a Bangkok shopping guide for all your shopping needs, incase you decide to plan a trip to Thailand! That said, read on to find out what shopping markets and malls you need to hit up in the city.

Tripsle Tip: You may need to bring along extra luggage with you just in case! You don’t want to end up with overweight baggage by the end of your trip (because you just might!)

For bargain shopping:

1. MBK Center

Bangkok shopping MBK

 Opening Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM Daily

Try your hand at haggling at the MBK Center – the shopping center that started it all. If you’re eyeing those elephant pants you’ve seen ten billion times during your trip, you’ll most likely find a multitude of styles here! Since the items in MBK are sold on wholesale prices, everything is hugely discounted! So apart from buying something for yourself, this is also the perfect time to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family!

What to buy: Cheap gadget accessories, fake designer items, trendy clothing, kitschy items

2. Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok Shopping Platinum Fashion Mall

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8AM to 8PM | Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 8PM

Though much smaller than MBK, the close proximity of the stalls in terms of distance and variety can really be overwhelming! With eight floors of clothing, shoes, and accessories, Platinum Fashion Mall is the ultimate paradise for any fashion lover! However, you won’t find your beloved western brands here, instead you’ll discover local Thai brands that are just as trendy! So much so that you might actually find a replica of that Zara top you’ve been ogling in one of the many stalls available here.

What to buy: Chic and trendy fashion items (clothes, shoes, bags)

3. Pantip Plaza

Bangkok Shopping Pantip Plaza

Opening Hours: 10AM to 9PM Daily

If clothing and accessories are not what interests you, head on over to Pantip Plaza and shop for all the latest electronics and gadgets! Once you step foot into this mall, you’ll find yourself wondering if you’ve been transported into a futuristic dimension. From computers, phones, cameras, various softwares and accessories, this mall has got all your electronic needs in one place. With the amount of techy goods you can get your hands on in Pantip Plaza, you won’t be far from living Tony Stark’s super cool lifestyle!

What to buy: Gadgets, tech accessories, softwares, computer services

For late-night shopping and food trips:

1. Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin

Bangkok Shopping Rot Fai Market

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday: 5PM to 1AM | Closed from Monday to Wednesday

The Rot Fai Market is probably Bangkok’s most famous night market and now has two locations in the city! The market at Srinakarin is much bigger and is lined with colorful tents filled with glorious Thai street food, clothing and accessories, and one-of-a-kind collectibles! These items in Rot Fai Market may not be as cheap as the previous ones on the list, but it’s still relatively cheap.

Once you’ve finished shopping, there are a couple of restaurants and cafes surrounding the area where you can rest and have a snack.

What to buy: Thai street food, budget-friendly clothing, second-hand items, vintage finds

2. JJ Green Market

Bangkok Shopping JJ Green Market

Photo Credit: JJ Green Market Facebook Page

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 6PM to 1:30 AM | Closed on Monday and Tuesday

JJ Green isn’t just another typical night market in Bangkok. Yes, you can find cheap wholesale goods over here, but what makes people linger are the incredible rare vintage finds and as well as the exquisite nightlife experience! So if you’re not looking to shop or browse around, there are a number of quirky restaurants and bars in the area that are popular with both tourists and locals!

March past the row of tented stalls and you’ll notice some merchants laying out their items at the back of an open van! If you’re looking for antiques, vintage, or secondhand items, these ‘shops’ would be your best bet.

What to buy: Clothing, accessories, vintage, secondhand items

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok Shopping Chatuchak Market

Opening Hours: Saturdays & Sundays: 6 AM to 6 PM

It’s not a night market, but tourists absolutely cannot miss this weekend market! We can guarantee that you’ll be spending hours in the Chatuchak Weekend Market, so plan you visit early in the morning! There are over 27 sections in the market to walk through, so make sure you’re prepared for a long day of shopping. This famous market is filled with stalls of authentic Thai food, trendy clothing, kitschy items, and home goods – all at a good price! Because of its cheap prices and wide variety, tourists and locals crowd the markets during the weekend.

If you’re worried that you shopped too hard at the end of the day, don’t fret! There’s a DHL and TNT shipping courier located inside the market so you can send everything you bought back home!

What to buy: Seriously anything and everything!

For high-end and luxury goods:

1. Siam Paragon

Bangkok Shopping Siam Paragon

Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM Daily

If you’ve got cash to burn, Siam Paragon is the place to go! This posh and sleek mall offers a stark contrast from the previous markets on the list since it houses an abundance of luxury brands from all over the world like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry to name a few. If what you’re looking for is unavailable, check Siam Paragon’s luxury department store and they might just have what you need in stock!

If you’re looking for other imported brands such as Sephora, MAC, Nike, or Victoria’s Secret, move on to Siam Center, which is just right across Siam Paragon!

What to buy: Imported luxury goods (clothing, bags, shoes and accessories)

2. Central World

Bangkok Shopping Central World

Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM Daily

You will find the sixth biggest shopping center in the world in Bangkok! Central World has eight floors of stores that carry everything from high-street fashion brands to luxury goods, so shoppers have a wide range to choose from! Apart from imported brands like H&M and Zara, Central World also showcases many local brands in the mall so tourists can surely shop for something Thailand exclusive!

At night, Central World also hosts a night market just right outside its doors. So if you’re looking for more Thai food and items at discounted prices, you can drop by here too! Just don’t expect that the items here are sale items from the mall itself!

What to buy: High street fashion brands, local and imported brands, luxury goods

3. Terminal 21

Bangkok Shopping Terminal 21

Bangkok Shopping Terminal 21

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM Daily

Even if you’re not going to shop, this mall is still worth a visit! Each floor in Terminal 21 is themed a different city as seen in the shops’ exterior to the comfort rooms! This quirky aspect will make shoppers feel as if they’re shopping around the world as they cover the floors of Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Hollywood and more!

Of course apart from its unique design, Terminal 21 hosts mid-range to high end brands. Apart from luxury brands like this, this, and this, shoppers can purchase items from imported brands like this, this and this as well!

What to buy: High-street local and international brands

Bangkok Shopping Essentials

1. Private Car Charter

Bangkok Shopping Essentials

With so much shopping malls and markets to hit up, the most efficient way to get around is by booking a private car to tackle as much shopping possible! Also, if you would need a break from shopping, you can ask to be taken to other Bangkok hotspots for a cultural excursion!

2. Pocket WiFi

Bangkok Shopping Essentials

The markets of Bangkok are crazy, and there’s high chance that you might get lost! Avoid this situation and book a Pocket WiFi beforehand to make sure you stay connected with all your travel companions during the trip. Once you have this device, you can split up and strategically cover more shopping centers!

3. Luggage Services

Bangkok Shopping Essentials

If you still have time to kill, avail of a luggage service so you don’t have to lug around your suitcases around Bangkok! With this service, tourists can have their bags sent to the airport from their hotel (and vice versa) so they could spend more time exploring and less time worrying about their luggage!