The Good Vibes Festival 2018 Survival Guide For An Awesome Weekend

Preparation is key

The Good Vibes Festival 2018 is just around the corner and you’re probably already bubbling with excitement especially after the announcement of additional artists in the lineup!

However, there’s nothing worse than having your festival experience ruined by simple things that you could’ve prepared or prevented. We’ve rounded up a list of tips and hacks you can easily follow for a weekend of unadulterated fun!

1. Avoid driving to and from the venue if possible

genting road

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Held at Gohtong Jaya in Genting Highlands, getting to the festival ground is not the most straightforward if you want to take the public transport. Hence, many prefer to drive there. Keep in mind that finding parking can be quite the task since there are only very limited spaces.

Driving down the winding hill roads can also be dangerous if you’re unfamiliar with the area and especially if you’re tired after the festival. Save yourselves the hassle and book a GVF-exclusive private car charter and use “GOODVIBES15” for RM15 off your first booking on Tripsle. For those outside of KL, you can also refer to the Tripsle GVF transport guide.

2. Bring enough cash with you

good vibes festival merchandise

Source: Good Vibes Festival

The festival is going to be a whole day affair and it’s the last place you wanna be strapped for money. There aren’t any ATMs around the festival ground, so make sure to carry around enough cash with you.

Since outside food and drinks are not allowed on festival grounds, you would need to purchase them from vendors in the festival ground. Take into account as well other miscellaneous items you’d need to pay for like parking, merchandise, etc.

3. It’s not the place to show off your brand new kicks

Good Vibes Festival will be held on a massive field and as you’d expect, it can get pretty muddy if it rains. So it’s best to go for rain boots or an old pair of shoes you wouldn’t mind ruining. Many free-spirited concert-goers will even abandon their footwear and go barefoot! 

4. Pace yourselves!

Source: Good Vibes Festival

It’s finally the Good Vibes Festival weekend! You might have been waiting for this moment for months and you’re just about ready to go all out. However, don’t be going all HAM at the beer tent just yet at the start of the festival!

You don’t wanna be throwing up while your favourite artist is performing and pass out even before that. Also, we hear nursing a hangover on the second day of a loud and bright festival isn’t a great idea. So, pace yourselves if you want to truly enjoy during the festival weekend.

5. Get waterproof everything

The weather is unpredictable and for an outdoor event, it’s best to prepare for it. Carry a waterproof backpack is a big help and bring extra waterproof baggies for your electronics, cash, and other important items. Heck, waterproof yourself too while you’re at it by wearing waterproof makeup and spritzing on long-lasting setting spray.

Pack a poncho with you too in case it rains. If you’ve already purchased your festival tickets from Tripsle, then you’ve already gotten that covered since it comes with a survival kit which includes a poncho!

6. Be generous with the sunscreen

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Yes, you will be in Genting and the weather is gonna be cool. But that doesn’t mean the sun will stop doing its job! The afternoons could be very sunny and there will be a limited amount of shaded area. Getting sunburned from standing in the sun all day will definitely be a painful reminder for the next several days.

7. Like your mom would say, drink more water!


Now, don’t be skimping on the water just because you have to pay for it. It’s important to stay hydrated for very obvious reasons and especially during a festival. Don’t be chugging down water only after you get that sudden pang of thirst. Instead, keep a water bottle with you and take small sips throughout the day.

8. Have a portable toilet strategy

We get it, using public toilets is enough of a nightmare, but portable toilets in a festival is a whole other level. But hey, if you gotta go then you gotta go. Don’t be afraid to walk around to look for the ones with a shorter queue. Usually, the ones at the end or at hidden corners have less people waiting.

If you have the VIP Pass for Good Vibes Festival, you will get access to designated toilets so there’s no need queue at the communal ones!

9. Bring a picnic mat

Sometimes music is best enjoyed sitting on the grass with your buddies. A picnic mat is handy if you want to sit comfortably and not want to ruin your clothes. There are also very limited seating areas at the festival, so it’s nice to have a picnic mat that you can lay on the ground and rest for a bit.

Having to carry and bring one to the festival might be tricky and a bit of a hassle but if you have the Tripsle survival kit, it includes a picnic mat! You can purchase your Good Vibes Festival ticket from Tripsle and get a complimentary survival kit to be redeemed on the festival day. The Tripsle x GVF survival kit is also available for purchase for those who are interested.

10. Don’t bring unnecessary items with you

It’s good to be prepared but also it’s easy to go overboard. You don’t want to be lugging a million things with you during the festival. It can be heavy and be tiring after a while. Stick with the essentials like cash, phone, power banks, waterproof pouches, wet wipes, etc.

Besides that, there will also be a strict security check before you’re let in. Things like opened packs of cigarettes, any type of food and drinks, prescribed pills, and more are not allowed. Check the do’s and don’ts on the Good Vibes Festival website for the full list of prohibited items. So, pack wisely and efficiently!

A weekend of good music and great fun awaits

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