The Cool Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Pattaya Guide

World’s first Cartoon Network theme park

Whether you’re coming from Pattaya or taking a day trip from Bangkok, a visit to the world’s first Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is a must for any theme park and water lovers.

For many of us who grew up watching Cartoon Network, this was like reliving our childhood. But even if you know nothing about the characters, the 10 themed zones and over 150 attractions is bound to have something for everyone. It’s perfect for families with kids or big kids like us who want to feel young again.

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We recently had the chance to visit with The Travel Intern team so here is everything we think you’d need for navigating this amazing water theme park!

This article is written in collaboration with The Travel Intern.

5 Rides you must-try

1. Humungaslide


Touted as the world’s first fully themed monster water park ride, the Humungaslide is a 2 person ride that sends you on a couple of figure 8 turns before a final 51-degree drop into the mouth of the Humungasaur.

2. Good Loop

Goop Loop

Slides don’t get scarier than this. The anticipation of standing above a trap door that drops you into a 12m freefall is more than enough for the heart. But it gets better as you go from zero to 2.5Gs in less than 2s! Crazy stuff. This was a personal favourite.

3. Alien Attack

Alien Attack

The trippiest ride in the water park. Defy gravity, go through darkness, and experience a visual feast through the coloured tubes. The ride supposedly takes you through 3 different Ben 10 battles, but the reality was that we had no idea what was happening other than knowing the ride was trippily fun.

4. Jake Jump

Jake Jump

Themed after Jake from Adventure Time, this seems similar to Humungaslide on the surface, but feels really different. The final drop followed by a vertical boost surprised us all!

5. Intergalactic Racer

Intergalactic Racer

Here’s a ride where you can actually race with up to 4 of your friends through a series of bumps, twists, and serpentine tubes. Just be sure to get help from the staff to release all of you together.

Buying discounted admission tickets

To avoid wasting time and queuing at the water park entrance, we highly suggest buying your admission tickets beforehand. While you can buy admission tickets on the official Cartoon Network Amazone website, the cheapest way is actually via Tripsle!

Here’s a quick price comparison of the 1 Day Pass: (correct as of posting)

Ticket Type Cartoon Network Amazone Official Website Tripsle Savings
Adult (13-64yrs) ~SGD 52 (THB 1,290) SGD 42 SGD 10
Child (3-12yrs) ~SGD 40 (THB 990) SGD 32 SGD 8
Senior (over 65yrs) ~SGD 40 (THB 990) SGD 32 SGD 8

*Children under 3 have free admission.

For first time Tripsle users, there’s even an additional SGD 5 off when you use the promo code

on the mobile app. Simply click “Promotions” and enter the code to claim your discount.Use the extra savings for your supper fund at the end of a fun-filled day back in Pattaya or Bangkok!

Tripsle me to Cartoon Network Amazone!

Best times to visit

Cartoon Network Amazone

The water park is generally open from 10:00am – 7:00pm everyday. If you can, arrive when the park opens so there’s enough time to try all the rides while having time to chill. Having loads of fun can take its toll and you’ll need time to recharge.

Weekends can get quite crowded since it’s a local favourite too so I’d suggest visiting during the weekdays when the water park will be less crowded. That way you wouldn’t have to wait in line too much! We were there on a Tuesday and could often take the rides continuously.

The rainy season in Pattaya is between June – October, so expect even fewer crowds then. It honestly doesn’t matter since you’re going to get wet anyway!

General tips to enjoy the water park

Travel Intern

Tip 1: Strategise & prioritise the rides you take

There are generally 2 strategies to follow depending on how crowded the water park is.

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Very Crowded:

This is when you need to be at your most “kiasu” (competitive self). To avoid missing out, I suggest making a mental list of rides/attractions that you and your friends/family really want to try. Go for the epic slides and Surf Arena first. Skip open attractions like the Mega Wave, Cartoonival, and Riptide Pool until you need a break. There are also free sunbeds for all to use near the Mega Wave.

You can find the Cartoon Network Amazone park map here.

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Not Crowded:

Since there is probably enough time to try every ride, the key is pacing yourself so as to get the most out of the experience. Start with the lower intensity attractions, before proceeding to adrenaline pumping slides like the Goop Loop, Humungaslide, and Jake Jump. That way you won’t get underwhelmed by the lower intensity attractions after the really exciting ones.

Tip 2: Find out the timings for the Live Shows/Meet and Greet

Cartoon Network Amazone

One of our favourite parts of the park was seeing the Live Shows. While I’m not exactly a fan of any Cartoon Network character, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time and co brought about an energy that gave lots of life to the water park! The mascots will even interact and pose for pictures after their performance. For families with kids, this is a must-do!

The shows are subject to change, so it’s best to check the timings with any of the friendly guest relations staff. Do it at the start of the day so you can plan accordingly!

Tip 3: Bring a waterproof camera, sunscreen and everything you may need

This may seem obvious, but come prepared. Essential items like sunscreen can be pretty expensive. Unless you are looking for Cartoon Network Characters memorabilia, bring everything you need!

A waterproof camera would also be useful for capturing memories throughout the day. Certain rides even allow you to bring your GoPro or Action Camera along as long as it’s securely mounted on a headstrap. Do use the hashtag #CartoonNetworkAmazone if you’re posting on Instagram!

Tip 4: Pre-purchase food coupons or any add-ons

Cartoon Network Amazone

Food in the park is reasonably priced compared to many other theme parks we’ve been. But you can save even more by pre-purchasing food coupons. Get SGD 20 worth of food vouchers for just SGD 16 and feast away at Foodville.

Cartoon Network Amazone

Ice cream fans should also check out Dexter’s Ice Lab. The double chocolate ice cream is highly recommended!

Where to stay

Hard Rock Hotel

There are plenty of options in Pattaya, but we stayed at the newly renovated Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and had a rockstar experience.

There are shuttle busses to Cartoon Network Amazone, and is located just 2min away from the beach. The famous Pattaya Walking Street is also a 15min walk away.

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock often organises music events, so look out for those to keep you entertained at night too!

Check out our more detailed review of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya too!

Directions to Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

Address: 888 Moo 8 Najomtien, Chonburi, Thailand 20250

From Pattaya

The water park is 10-15km south of Pattaya city, or a max 20min drive.

If you’re staying at any of these partner hotels, you can easily book at round-trip transportation pick-up for THB 300 (online).

Alternatively, you can try bargaining with a taxi or songtaew if you are not staying near any of their partner hotels. The round-trip price should be approximately the same depending on your negotiation skills.

Cartoon Network Amazone

Day trip from Bangkok

For those staying in Bangkok, Cartoon Network Amazone is a great day-trip activity. The journey ranges from 2-3hrs depending on traffic, and there are both public or private transport options.

Air-conditioned busses leave Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (next to Ekkamai BTS – Sukhumvit Rd Soi 63) every 30mins from 5:20am – 11:20pm daily and cost about SGD THB 120.

If you are in a group of 3 or more, a more convenient and comfortable option would be to hire a private car/minibus.

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