Thailand waives all visa fees for high season

Thailand waives all visa fees for high season

Great news for all visitors to Thailand. The government has recently decided to waive all visa fees for all visitors to Thailand for the tourist high season. All visas issued at Thai embassies or consulates abroad are currently free of chargeVisas on arrival at Thai airports or border crossings have been reduced to 1000 THB from 2000 THB.

What this means for travelers

Visa Exempt Countries:

Most visitors to Thailand do not require a visa and receive 30 days of visa-exempt entry on arrival. However, many visitors to Thailand love the country so much that they decide to stay longer. If you plan to stay longer than your visa-free exemption, it is highly recommended you apply for a longer-duration tourist visa at your local consulate or embassy to avoid any hassles with extending your visa in country (which is not free and very inconvenient).

Visa/Visa on Arrival Countries:

For other countries that require a visa or visa on arrival in Thailand, this is a great time to visit! Visit your local consulate or embassy to apply for your FREE visa today and visit the wonderful land of smiles.

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