Taiwan’s 2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast And The Best Viewing Spots

Cherry Blossom spots in Taiwan!

When you mention cherry blossoms, often Japan and Korea pop into mind! Many of us forget the hidden gem that is Taiwan – a sakura haven for those traveling in the early part of the year.

Watch the country get taken over by pastel pink hues as you hunt for the perfect cherry blossom spots. Read on to find out the best sakura viewing spots as well as their forecasted bloom date!

Sun Moon Lake Early February to late March
Cing Jing Early February to late March
Wu Ling Farm Mid February to mid March
Wuji Tianyuan Temple Late February to mid March
Yangmingshan National Park Early March to early April
Alishan Mid March to mid April

Sun Moon Lake – early February to late March

sun moon lake cherry blossom Source: Livingnomads

Visit Taiwan’s most famous lake – Sun Moon Lake at sunset for the most picturesque moment. The sight of the bright pink petals against the blue lakes and green mountains is certainly a sight to behold. These peach flower blossoms are a lot brighter than their pastel counterparts and would add a lovely pop of color to any picture.

Tripsle your one day Sun Moon Lake visit and enjoy the best of the lake hassle-free! With two way transfer, a boat cruise, lunch and of course a friendly local guide, you won’t have to do anything except enjoy the beautiful sights.

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Cingjing – early February to late March

cing jing cherry blossom Source: Sammdaysoon

In Spring, you can expect the cool breeze atop the Cingjing hills! As you stroll along the green grasslands where fat sheep stroll their days away, be sure to stop for a photo!

If you would like to see the best of Cingjing in a day, be sure to Tripsle yourselves a tour of the green green grasslands! Kickstart your day with an insight into the Puli brewery where the finest Shaoxing wine is produced. Visit the world’s tallest Buddhist temple and of course, stroll alongside an abundance of sheep.

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Wuling Farm – mid February to mid March

Situated high up in the mountain valleys of Taichung, Wuling Farms’ vast landscapes make optimal for cherry blossom viewing! The dozens of cherry blossoms transform these mountains into a sakura wonderland.That being said, this hidden gem is not easy to get to! From Taichung, hop onto the Lishan bus to Fongyuan, transfer to the Wuling bus and get off at Wuling station.

Wuji Tianyuan Temple – late February to mid March

wuji tianyuan temple source: tripadvisor

Located at the quiet countryside of Danshui, this majestic Taoist temple – Tianyuan Temple is one of the most beautiful spots to catch the sakura. Apart from the grand interior, the temple’s garden also boasts a plethora of flora which make for a beautiful photo.

It might be difficult trying to get to the Tianyuan Temple on your own, especially since it requires multiple transfers. Tripsle yourselves a private car charter for a hassle free trip to Danshui and get to check out all of the highlights of Danshui in a day. Be sure to ask your expert local driver for tips on where else you can catch the elusive sakura!

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Yangmingshan National Park – early March to early April

Sitting atop of the Northern area of Taipei is Yangmingshan! Step into a sakura pink wonderland as you walk past the cherry blossom trees that line the trails. This mountain is also home to sulfur lakes, natural hot springs and Taiwan’s largest volcano, the Seven Star Mountain!

Tripsle yourselves a Yangmingshan and hot springs tour and let the guide show you the best sakura spots! You’ll also get to pay a visit to the famed hot spring baths at Tatun where you get to soak your worries off in waters that have healing minerals. With two way hotel transfers, you won’t have to worry about anything except having a good time!

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Alishan – mid March to mid April

alishan cherry blossom Source: happyholidayplanner 

Probably the most popular sakura viewing spot in Taiwan, Alishan is home to a huge variety of cherry blossom blooms! The picture perfect combination of sea, cloud, mountain and cherry blossom make Alishan one of the more Instagram worthy places this sakura season.

Hop aboard the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Chiayi Station and transfer to a direct bus (7322) to Alishan!

Tripsle me to Alishan on the High Speed Rail!

Cherry Blossom Taiwan essentials

On your sakura hunt, you’ll be needing a trusty 4G WiFi device for all those Instagram worthy pastel pink hues guaranteed to trigger some serious envy! The 3 day THSR tourist pass is also handy when city hopping on your sakura chase!