Taiwan By Rail: Find The Most Suitable Transport Pass For Your Needs

The best rail pass in Taiwan to get more bang for buck!

City Hopping
Within Cities
Time Saving
Provides Business Class

Spanning night markets, rich heritage and crazy nightlife, Taiwan really is a country that never sleeps. The country covers a wide 36,193 kilometre squares of land and is home to over 23 million people. Thanks to the wide array of railways available, travelling within the five main cities just got a whole lot easier.

With the many train options available, both visitors and even locals might find it confusing. Today Tripsle addresses the most efficient way to conquer this country! Read on to learn more about the different rail passes and how to travel around Taiwan in the most cost-effective way.

What passes I can get for Taiwan?

1. THSR Pass

Source: Taiwan High Speed Rail

The Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) connects major cities from the North to South. It is the fastest and most convenient form of transport around the country – the journey from Taipei to Kaohsiung takes just 90 minutes!

If you are rushing from city to city, or simply dislike long boring train rides then this is your go-to pass! However, do take note that the train only brings you to the major cities within Taiwan. If you wish to travel to smaller parts of the city, you will have to take the Taiwan Railway (TR).

Routes Without Pass

(Only THSR)

With Pass


Savings Savings
Standard (SGD) Business (SGD) Standard (SGD) Express (SGD) Standard (SGD) Express (SGD)
Taipei to Banqiao $1.79 $10.31 11 stations in just $121.55 for 2 days. 11 stations in just $161.39 for 2 days. $(121.55/2)-$68.10 = $7.33 $(161.39/2)-$162.64 = $81.95
Banqiao to Taoyuan $5.82 $16.13
Taoyuan to Hsinchu $5.82 $16.13
Hsinchu to Miaoli $6.27 $16.13
Miaoli to Taichung $12.10 $24.42
Taichung to Changhua $5.82 $16.13
Changhua to Yunlin $4.93 $14.79
Yunlin to Chiayi $6.72 $17.25
Chiayi to Tainan $12.55 $24.80
Total Value $68.10 $162.64 $60.78 $80.69 $7.33 $81.95

2. TR Pass

Source: Taiwan Railways Administration

The Taiwan Railway (TR) is a massive track spanning 1,117.9 kilometres across the whole of Taiwan. With over 13 types of trains, there isn’t a place it can’t take you to! TR is one of the most common modes of transportation for locals as it spans both major and inner cities (which the THSR does not). Therefore, as appealing as the THSR service sounds, one must eventually transit from the THSR to the TR if they are travelling to the inner-cities.

To make the most of your time, you can Tripsle yourself a 5 Days Joint Train Pass which combines both THSR and TR line networks for even greater coverage. The pass includes 5-day unlimited travel on the TR, and 2-day unlimited travel on the THSR. This way you’ll get to enjoy the best of Taiwan hassle-free!

30 Days General TR Pass 5 Days Joint Train Pass (TRA+THSR) Savings
Standard SGD 112.01 SGD 112.55 Top up SGD 0.54

3. Metro Pass

Source: Metro Taipei

The Taipei Metro Pass covers metropolitan Taiwan with five different lines spanning a hundred stations across Taipei. This pass is useful for travelling in and around the major city areas and perfect for a night out on a street-food crawl!

For first time travellers to Taiwan who are looking to explore the city and beyond (i.e. places like Kaohsiung), we recommend purchasing the 5 Day Joint Train Pass together with a Taipei Metro Pass for full coverage.

Type of Pass Price What it covers? Where to buy?
Electronic tickets $4.48 – Taipei Metro

– Bus services

Maokong Gondola

Available at:

Convenience stores

Taipei Metro/Taoyuan Airport MRT/Kaohsiung MRT Information counters

Easy Card Customer Service Centers.

Travel Passes (One Day) $6.72 Taipei Metro

(unlimited travel for one day, cannot be topped up.)

Available at all Metro station information counters.
Travel Passes (Multiday) $12.55 Taipei Metro

(unlimited travel for 48 hours, cannot be topped up.)

Available at all Metro station information counters.
Single Journey $0.90-$2.91 Taipei Metro

(Valid on the date of purchase only.)

Available at:

Ticketing Machines

All Metro Station information counters.

All Pass Tickets $57.35 – Taipei Metro

– Bus services

– You Bike

1) Purchase/set up at any information counter or ticketing machine of Taipei Metro.

2) Users can extend the usage of cards at any information counters or ticketing machine of Taipei Metro within 10 days before the card expires.

4. Taoyuan Metro

Source: Metro Taoyuan

As simple as it sounds, the Taoyuan Metro’s purpose is to ferry travellers from the airport to major destinations in metropolitan Taipei.

If you are travelling in large groups, or have plans to go on a road trip, Tripsle a Taiwan Car Rental (TPE Airport Pick Up). It allows you to choose from four comfortable car choices for up to seven people! With Taiwan’s signboards along the expressways translated into English, driving around should be fairly straightforward. So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to experience driving around like a local!

Type of Pass Price (SGD) Where to buy?
Easy Card Empty card ($4.48)

Each top up at least $4.48

Available at station informational counters
One-day Pass $15.68 Available at station informational counters
Taoyuan Airport MRT Round Trip Ticket and Taipei Metro 48 Hour Pass $23.30 Available at:

1) Taoyuan Airport MRT Station

– A1 Taipei Main Station

– A12 Airport Terminal 1 Station

– A13 Airport Terminal 2 Station

2) Taoyuan Airport MRT service counter of the arrival Hall.

Taoyuan Airport MRT Round Trip Ticket and Taipei Metro 72 Hour Pass $28.88 Available at:

1) Taoyuan Airport MRT Station

– A1 Taipei Main Station

– A12 Airport Terminal 1 Station

– A13 Airport Terminal 2 Station

2) Taoyuan Airport MRT service counter of the arrival hall.


The different passes are each beneficial in their own way. Ultimately, it depends on your intended locations and your trip duration.

  • Spending most of your time in Taipei? Getting the Taipei Metro pass will suffice!

  • Looking to explore Taiwan’s major cities in the shortest time possible? The THSR pass is for you.

  • Have time in your hands and want to explore both the main and inner cities? Choose the TR pass!


While many may say that it is impossible to explore the whole of Taiwan in just 7 days, shorter travelling times will help! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend the 5 Day Joint Rail Pass for full access to the two most powerful lines in Taiwan – THSR and TR, at the most value-for-money price!

Tripsle me the THSR

Tripsle me the THSR Joint Train Pass!


Q: What’s the difference between area coverage between THSR, TRA, Metro Taipei, and Taoyuan Metro pass?


  • THSR: Covers the major cities around Taiwan at fast speed.

  • TRA: Covers the whole of Taiwan, at a slower speed.

  • Taipei Metro: Covers only Taipei

  • Taoyuan Metro: Covers only from Taoyuan to selected cities.

Q: Where and how do I purchase my passes?

A: You can purchase all four passes at the information counter located in every railway station around Taiwan respectively.

Q: I am only travelling in Taipei, do I need a TRA pass?

A: One can safely navigate Taipei with the Taipei Metro Pass. However, there are certain parts of Taipei that this Metro does not bring you to. Popular day trip spots such as Jiufen and Shifen that are just a stone’s throw away by the TR! You might still want to consider getting a TRA pass (or commute by a local bus service) to travel to these must-see places.

Q: What is the difference between Business pass and Standard passes for THSR?

A: The Business Pass grants you access to reserved seating and more legroom than the standard pass. If commuting with comfort is a priority, the Business pass is your go-to pass!

Q: How do I Redeem My 5 Day Joint Pass (THSR + TRA) from Tripsle?

A: Redeem your THSR and Taiwan Rail passes in 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Book reserved seating (only for THSR) early at the counter or non-reserved seat any time of your selected date.

Step 2: Present ticket and passport to the staff at the gateway and that’s it!

Note: Validity of the THSR pass is any two specified days within 5 days of your start date and 5 consecutive days from your start date for the Taiwan Railway.