Taipei Smith & Wollensky Steak House

The “Smith & Wollensky” steak on the 47th floor of the Breeze Nanshan is the first in Asia. There is a separate elevator for reaching the high floor (not the elevator on the department store floor).

Currently, there are only “Smith & Wollensky” on the 47th floor, and Wagyu 47 Restaurants.

However, I heard that it is very difficult to book. The announcement on the official website is that the reservation in February is full. The reservation in March is open at 11:30 on February 1 and only accepts email reservation so far.

Starter bread

The bread that will be present at each table is homemade in the restaurant and tastes scented and biting.

Angry Shrimp Lobster Cream Sauce NT.680

There are 3 pieces of angry shrimp. I heard the service staff said that it would bring a little spicy, but usually we eat small spicy, we do n’t feel too spicy, but the shrimp is strong and the seasoning is not bad.

Next, I waited for the main course, and the knife was replaced with a steak knife. There was “Smith & Wollensky” on the top.

T-Bone 26 oz. NT. 4280

The T-bone part is quite special, and will have two different tastes, Fili and New Yorker.

This is the part with more fat.

The surface is slightly burnt, and the inside is very juicy and sweet.

This part is less oily, softer and softer, and also delicious.

Grilled Pleurotus eryngii NT.280

Pleurotus eryngii has a bite taste, sweet taste and is very delicious.

Asparagus NT.380

Huge chocolate cake NT.480

This “Huge Chocolate Cake” is also one of the signature dishes. When ordering, the service staff reminded us that it is really big! There are 5 layers of chocolate cake, and the strawberry next to it can be used as a scale. “Huge Chocolate Cake” tastes solid. The top layer is chocolate Ganesh. The taste is not too sweet, and it is even more delicious than expected.

At the time of checkout, the service fee options of 5%, 10%, and 15% will be listed on the bill, allowing guests to check their own options. This method is quite special in Taiwan. We think that Smith & Wollensky Taipei steak tastes good, plus it can see 101 beautiful scenery, it is suitable for festive celebrations to eat, plus there is no limit to one person must order a steak, generous think it is quite reasonable, if Taipei other If the steakhouse is tired, you might as well try this one.

Smith & Wollensky Taipei
地址:台北市松智路17號 微風南山47樓
營業時間:用餐區:週日~週四 11:30~22:00/週五~週六 11:30~23:00
酒吧區:週日~週四 11:30~翌01:00/週五~週六 11:30~翌02:00
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