South Korea Visa Application Policy for Filipinos + Step By Step Visa Guide

South Korea Visa Application Policy for Filipinos + Step By Step Visa Guide

New South Korean visa application policy

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea anytime soon, make sure you’re updated with the latest policy regarding visa applications! Keep reading to find out how you can apply for a South Korean Visa – and get your results in TWO days!

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea has recently announced that Filipinos who are applying for a South Korean Visa are now required to process their applications through an accredited travel agency. This means that they will no longer accept walk in applicants unless they fall under any of the following circumstances:

  • Spouses or children of Koreans

  • Holders of Visa Issuance number

  • Government employees with official business trip to South Korea

  • Those with humanitarian reasons to travel to South Korea immediately

According to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea’s recent online notice, the number of visa applicants have increased to 160,000 in the last year. That said, many applicants are forced to wait their turn under the scorching heat, which is a huge inconvenience. Not only will travel agencies lighten the load for these travelers, but they will also make absolute sure that the traveler’s requirements are properly done and ready for submission.

Starting July 1st, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea will no longer accept walk-in visa applications. So if you’re planning on applying for a visa for an upcoming trip, either make the trip soon or contact one of 35 listed travel agencies.

Update (26 June 2018): The Embassy of the Republic of Korea no longer requires a Company Alpha List, but may be requested for some applicants. Read their announcement here

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Get Your South Korea Visa in TWO DAYS!

Now that you’re aware of the new visa policy, it’s time to apply for a South Korea visa! The best part? You can now process your visa and get the results in TWO DAYS. To find out how you can apply, check out our Step-By-Step South Korea Visa Guide! It talks in detail of all the requirements you need, and as well as tips to getting a 5-year, multiple entry visa.

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