Reasons Not To Get Around in Hong Kong Only by MTR

Get Around in Hong Kong

How often do you only stick with the railway when you are fresh to a place? Honestly, it is tempting to do so, because the railway promises to bring you to the right place in a blink of an eye, and it never puts you into the fear of getting lost. The MTR happens to be the underground railway that ensures you a safe and sound journey while you get around in Hong Kong.

Yet, travel is to step out of your comfort zone. Check out the following alternate means of transport that may not be as efficient as the MTR, but offer stunning city views and most importantly, make you feel more like a local.

1. The Tram – ‘Ding Dings’

When you wander around in Hong Kong island, you must not find the sound of ‘Ding Dings’ uncommon. Started off as single-deck tram, it was later given the iconic double-deck design in 1949 and has never stopped connecting people from the East to the West in the island.With its leisure running pace, ‘Ding Dings’ allows you to take a closer look at the locals’ daily life in between these bustling streets. Can you imagine yourself being just an arm apart from the tenement houses when sitting on the upper deck of the tram? Grab the next tram and enjoy the best city scene of the Hong Kong Island!

Plan Your Trip:

Route – Before you start your journey, you may check the map or download the app “Next Tram Arrival Tool” to plan where to hop on and off.

Pricing – Each journey only costs HK$2.3. You may also check the schedules and fares in case of any changes.

Find Out More:

If you want to know more about the living history of Hong Kong on board, you may join the TramOramic Tour which offers commentary about authentic local life and includes two-day unlimited tram rides.

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Insider Tips:

  • ‘Ding Dings’ only accept payment in cash (mostly coins) or octopus card. As a tourist, you may consider buying a tourist Octopus, a 4-Day Pass or simply book a ticket for the TramOcamic Tour online.

  • To avoid the crowd, you may begin from any of the tram terminuses or hop on at night.

  • If you are in a rush, consider other means of transport as the tram is rather slow.

2. The Peak Tram

If ‘Ding Dings’ is too ordinary for you, hop on a Peak Tram!  With its commencement in 1888, the Peak Tram has an even longer history than the ‘Ding Dings’. When the tram is going uphill slowly, you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic city view from the top and experience the Peak Tram illusion, a unique visual illusion where the high-rises appear to fall toward the peak.

Plan Your Trip: 

Route – The Peak Tram operates between Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus and Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower) daily from 7 am- 12 midnight, departs in every 10-15 minutes.

Pricing – Return: HK$40/ Single: HK$28

Find Out More:

When you arrive, do not miss the Sky Terrace 428, Madame Tussauds, and Trick Eye Museum on the Peak. Check the Peak Tram Fast-Track Combo that offers discounted combo ticket for the Peak Tram and the above attractions.

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Insider Tips: 

  • Be prepared for the steepness that would press you into the old wooden seats. Stay on your seat or hang on to the handlebars.

  • A one-way ride takes roughly about 7 minutes, so stay focus and do not miss any breath-taking views on your journey.

3. Star Ferry

Victoria Harbor is world-famous for its deep and sheltered waters, making it an instrumental location for trading and strategic development in the past.  Many locals go from Kowloon to Hong Kong island or the other way round by Star Ferry, because it never faces the problem of a traffic jam. Plus, one can enjoy the beautiful Harbor view on the way. Don’t wait, let’s get on board like the locals do!

Plan Your Trip: 

Route – Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui (vice versa)/ Central to Tsim Sha Tsui (vice versa). You may check the schedule here.

Pricing – Each journey costs HK$2.5 from Monday to Friday, and HK$3.4 on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Find Out More:

Star Ferry is not the only way to cross the harbor. You may also join the following tours on a traditional red-sailed Chinese junk boat!

Check out AquaLuna Harbor Day Tour

Check out AquaLuna Symphony of Light Cruise

Check out AquaLuna Evening Sail

Insider Tips: 

  • Try to avoid peak hours (usually from 8am~9am,6pm~7pm).

  • The journey approximately takes 9 minutes. If it is not enough for you, consider hopping on a red-sailed Chinese junk boat as mentioned above.

4. Ngong Ping 360

Heads up! It is time to hop on a cable car after trying out the tramways and maritime transport. Ngong Ping 360 offers breathtaking panorama views of the South China Sea, North Lantau Country Park, Hong Kong International Airport, and Tian Tan Buddha from the top. It is definitely the best choice if you want an escape from the bustling center.

Plan Your Trip:

Route – It is a 25-minute journey begins from Tung Chung, crossing Tung Chung Bay to Airport Island and finally reaching North Lantau.

Pricing – The pricing and packages for Ngong Ping 360 vary a lot according to the types of cabin and guided tours that you choose, you may check the official site for details.

Normal pricing:

Single Trip: HK$130 (Standard Cabin)/ HK$180 (Crystal Cabin).

Round Trip: HK$185 (Standard Cabin)/HK$255 (Crystal Cabin)/ $240 ( 1+1 Standard & Crystal Cabin).

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Find Out More:

Besides a cable car ride, if you look for more cultural exposure in Lantau Island, you may also join the 360 Fishing Village Insight Tour or the Culture and Heritage Tour of Lantau that brings you to the Big Buddha, Po Ling Monastery, and the traditional fishing village of Tai O.

Join the 360 Fishing Village Insight Tour

Join the Culture and Heritage Tour of Lantau

Insider Tips:

  • Buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.

  • Plan it as a day trip as there are many nearby attractions.

5. Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

hong kong transport, hong kong transportation, hong kong helicopter, helicopter in hong kong, hong kong helicopter service, hong kong helicopter tour, hong kong helicopter ride,get around in hong kong, travel in hong kongWhat if the above experiences do not surprise you? Hopping on a helicopter and explore Hong Kong’s soaring heights would definitely do. Fly far above Hong Kong’s main districts to test your limits and take a real step out of your comfort zone. You could enjoy an aerial view of famous sites such as the International Commerce Centre, the Peak, Victoria Harbour and much more in the journey!

Plan Your Trip:

Route – There are four route options:

  • Route A: 15 mins Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor

  • Route B: 30 mins Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula

  • Route C: 30 mins Sai Kung Geopark, North Eastern New Territories and Kowloon

  • Route D: 45 mins All-Inclusive (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories)

Pricing – A helicopter tour is an incredible yet expensive experience, its normal pricing can vary from HK$1999 to HK$26500 according to the route and type of tour you choose. You may find discounted tickets by pressing the button below.

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Insider Tips:

  • Arrive early and bring your own camera to capture a pre-departure shot.

  • Don’t be scared off by the soaring heights. Stay calm and enjoy the stunning views as this helicopter tour is well-known for its safety and reliability.