Pingtung & Kenting National Park

Situated on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, Pingtung County is not usually a top priority for tourists. However, most tourists are obviously unaware that not only do Pingtung and the Kenting area boast some of the warmest and most pleasant climates in the whole country, they is also home to the largest national park in all of Taiwan, Kenting National Park. With a huge variety of outdoor activities set to a backdrop of gorgeous beaches and lofty cliff faces, Kenting and Pingtung is the perfect getaway for an adventurous, action-packed holiday.

Aquatic Wildlife and Activities

Rock Kenting National Park Pingtung TaiwanA seaside resort with stretches of white sand and mountainous scenery behind, Kenting National Park has all the ingredients for a fun-filled holiday. With scatterings of rare flora and fauna, and colorful corals to explore, diving is a popular activity here. One of the most popular spots for scuba diving and snorkeling is South Bay, once a whaling area during the Japanese rule, but now a popular beach destination. Many tourists also like to explore the waters on jet-skis, which are relatively cheap to rent out.

Pingtung County is also home to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquariumwhich contains an 81 meter moving underwater tunnel, the largest of its kind in Asia. With three exhibitions inside, the museum showcases aquatic life both native to Taiwan, as well as other parts of the world.

Cultural Heritage

Eluanbi Lighthouse Kenting National Park Pingtung TaiwanAs well as being a natural preservation site, Kenting National Park also serves as a cultural heritage site, with the Eluanbi Lighthouse being one of the most prominent and most visited landmarks. The lighthouse has served battles over the last century, and has also been nicknamed “The Light of East Asia” due to the intensity of its beam. The Nanrenshan Stone Slab Houses are also worth a visit; although built over 700 years ago, the houses are well preserved, despite being closely located to the sea. Pingtung is also home to Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant, a colossal dome-like structure which is the third largest nuclear power plant in the country. We’d recommend joining the Best of Hengchun Peninsula tour to discover more about Eluanbi Lighthouse, and many other sites of cultural interest in Kenting and Pingtung.