NEWS: Japan Introduces New ¥1,000 Departure Tax Starting 7 January 2019

Japan’s sayonara tax starts 7 Jan 2019

If you are heading to Japan, do note that all travellers will be required to pay a departure tax upon leaving the country starting 7th Jan 2019. The tax amounts to ¥1,000 (SGD 12.50) and is applicable to all, regardless of nationality. The levy will be collected every time you leave the country by ship or plane.

Am I exempted from Japan’s departure tax

People leaving Japan within 24 hours of their transit entry and children under two years old will be exempted from the departure tax. If your air ticket was purchased and issued before Jan 7, you will also be exempted from the departure tax.

Why do I need to pay taxes?

The Japanese government will be using the tax collected for developing the tourism infrastructure and improving immigration procedures. Hooray for speedier immigration processes!  

There will be also new multilingual information boards and cashless payment terminals for public transportation as the country prepares for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

How do I pay for the departure tax?

The tax will be added on to the price of your air or ship tickets when you depart for Japan, this means more expensive airfares for Japan.

Fret not! More expensive airfares does not mean you have to cancel your trips to Japan. In fact, here are some money saving hacks for your trip to Japan.

1. Public transport for the win!

Taxis in Japan are notoriously expensive where a taxi from the Narita Airport to Shinjuku can set you back JPY25,000 (SGD313)! If you’re looking for a cheap and efficient way of getting around the city, here are some alternatives.

Get yourselves a Tokyo Subway Pass or an ICOCA Card and you can board the subway with ease! Just tap your card before entering the gantry and you’ll save yourselves the hassle of buying single trip tickets. If you are travelling between cities, the Japan Rail Pass is the most convenient and cost efficient way of getting around.

Check out our airport transfers guide for other methods of getting from Tokyo Airport to the city. If you are flying into Osaka Airport, here are some essentials you can pick up from KIX for your trip.  

2. Capsule hotels are your best friend

Image Credit: Flickr

Since you’re going to be spending most of your day out and about exploring the city, we’d definitely recommend saving on hotels and splurging it on some delicious food or shopping instead! Japan is home to many capsule hotel chains which are perfect for those looking for cheap sleep options.

Not only will you get the privacy of your own pod to sleep in, some even offer WiFi and other basic amenities.  

Check out some cheap accommodation options under USD 60/night in Tokyo and Osaka!

3. Pre-book all your tickets

Pre-booking all your attraction and even air tickets in advance will help you deal with demand surges! Whether you’re planning to visit Universal Studios Japan in Osaka or the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, pre-book your visit on Tripsle.

Enjoy the cheapest tickets in town with the Tripsle Price Guarantee and some of these tickets are also open-dated, giving you the freedom to change your plans if needed!

4.  Cheap and yummy food await!

You don’t have to break the bank just to feast on delicious food in Japan! This Asian gastronomic heaven will have your bellies extremely satisfied. Here are 10 places you can get your fill for under USD 15! If you’re looking for a quick fix, be sure to head to 7-11 where many hidden gems await.

Japan trip essentials

You’ll surely be needing either a 4G SIM card or a 4G WiFi device for navigating your way around and of course, boasting about your delightful Japan travels along the way.