Universal Studios Japan Gets Magical With Spectacular Sailor Moon Goodies!

Limited edition Sailor Moon goodies up for grabs!

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) brings some magic to visitors with this year’s Universal Cool Japan! Sailor Moon joins Detective Conan, Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter in a stellar line-up this summer.

Universal Cool Japan is an annual three-month summer program at USJ. This usually features tie-ups with big names in Japanese pop culture. Past guests include Attack on Titan and even Godzilla himself! The best part? Admission is included in your USJ entrance ticket!

If you’d like to skip the queues, consider Tripsle-ing a Universal Cool Japan Express Pass for fast-track entry.

Universal Cool Japan

 When: 19 Jan (Friday) to 24 Jun (Sunday) 2018

All images used courtesy of Universal Studios Japan, ©Naoko Takeuchi.

Sailor Moon characters at Universal Studios Japan

Sailor Moon photoshoot with wands

Fans of Sailor Moon – don’t miss the Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D ride! Immortalize memories with a photoshoot opportunity at Wonder Pix Digital Photo Studio. You’ll even get to wield your favourite wand!

Sailor Moon food at Beverly Hills Boulangerie

Fighting evil can be tough work and even Sailor Guardians can get hungry. Fuel up with themed food at Beverly Hills Boulangerie.  Try the Prism Power Cake (JPY 800 = SGD 9.80 = USD 7.30), or the Compact Cake (JPY 800 = SGD 9.80 = USD 7.30)!

A true fan won’t leave without buying some of their favourite merchandize!

1. Wands

Sailor Moon wand at USJ

Sailor moon wands at USJ

2. T-shirts

3. Bags

Sailor Moon bags at USJ

4. Hair accessories

Sailor Moon hair accessories

5. Socks

Sailor Moon socks at USJ

6. Tea

Sailor Moon Tea at USJ

Sailor Moon teabags

7. Accessories

Sailor Moon gold necklace

Sailor Moon silver necklace

8. Luna Accessories

Luna cup

Luna sling bag

Join Sailor Moon in her fight against evil!

No time like the present to head to USJ! Arm yourselves with the best tips and latest happenings here!

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