Last Min Useful Travel Essentials You Can Book With Instant Confirmation

Travel essentials for your upcoming trip

Packing for a trip never seems complete without “hold-on-did-I-forget-anything?” moment, whether it’s your first or tenth trip in recent memory.

Being travellers ourselves, we know how that feels. And as travellers ourselves here at Tripsle, we know that there are some travel essentials we tend to forget, that there are some travel pains we always experience but never solve, and the fact that sometimes… we just want to be treated like VIPs.

Here are some travel essentials to grab before your next trip. Some you know you need, and others you’ll be glad to only just discover.

Get your WiFi and SIM Card delivered straight to your house in advance

sim card slot

Photo credit: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

Whether you prefer to pick up your WiFi device and SIM Card from the airport when you touch down or be extra prepared by having it delivered to your doorstep 2 weeks before you fly, you can book one directly from your phone with Tripsle.

Staying connected now is virtually a social need, not a want. After all, be uncontactable for just 3 days and some loved ones will start to panic. Tripsle picks established telcos and partners around the world, ensuring your WiFi devices and SIM Cards stay connected when it matters.

Plus it really helps that you can check the best prices and packages directly from an intuitive award-winning app (iOS, Android), all within just 3 minutes.

gardens by the bay night

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So whether you’re heading to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Gardens By The Bay in Singapore, or releasing your sky lantern at Shifen in Taiwan, get yourself a SIM card or WiFi device so your Instagram experience doesn’t lag. You know, the important details in life..

Check out the best Wifi/SIM Card deals here.

Send your luggage directly to your hotel or AirBnB upon touchdown

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I touched down like this

Photo credit: Guilherme Stecanella via Unsplash

There’s always time to rest at night. The unfortunate part of touching down in the morning or afternoon is that you’re burning precious time by travelling to your accommodation and checking in before heading back to town for food or sightseeing.

Engage a reputable luggage pickup and delivery service via Tripsle, and you’re effectively converting the time you’d have wasted into bonus time. It’s fuss-free too. You book the service and indicate the location and time of your choice, then hand off your luggage to the agent who will meet you there.

An advantage of booking luggage pickup and delivery services through Tripsle, especially if you’re travelling to countries that don’t speak English, is that you’ll be able to book the activities and speak to customer service in English so your instructions don’t get lost in translation.

Tripsle tip: Tripsle offers a few airport transfer options, maximising the luggage pickup by bringing you straight to the city from the airport. Check them out if you’re heading to Hong Kong or South Korea

hong kong traffic

Photo credit: Wei-Cheng Wu via Unsplash

If your last day of travel is hampered by your checkout time being too far from your flight time, it can be a real struggle to decide if you should head to a cafe to pass the time or leave your bags at the hotel and pick it up later. Both aren’t the best options as you’d be wasting precious time on your last day of relaxation. To solve the issue, get a luggage pickup service and you’ll be able to hand your baggage off at your hotel or AirBnb, and pick it up at the airport right before you fly.

Enjoy travel luxuries by booking airport VIP lounges and Fast Track services

airport lounge hongkong

It’s a misconception that access to airport lounges belong to the top 1%. The truth is that you can unlock VIP Lounge and VIP Fast Track Access if you know where to look.

airport lounge korea

Airport lounge facilities differ around the world, so you’ll need to do your due diligence. Some, like Incheon Airport’s SPC Lounge, have free flow buffets and free wifi, while Hong Kong International Airport’s Plaza Premium Lounge has private resting spaces to catch a quick nap. Access to both, as well as other airport lounges, can be found on Tripsle’s activity pages.

Alternatively, if you’re heading to Bali or Thailand, book Fast Track VIP packages for smooth cut-the-line privileges. You’ll even be able to take shortcuts through the airport in case you’re rushing for a connecting flight!

Travel essentials to book before your trip

The trip you’re heading on could be the best one yet, and booking the right travel essentials before you fly could very well be the move that nudges it from Good to Great.

So whether it’s “basics” like a WiFI device or SIM card or services that make your travels smoother, head over to your destination’s city page on Tripsle and you’ll be able to find a travel essential that’s just right to complement your trip.