Join Travel Ambassador Search To Win A Trip To Japan

Do you like to travel?

Ever dreamed of being like your favourite lifestyle influencers and think you have the chops to be one? Well, we’re looking for someone like you! If you have the passion for travel and able to storytell through photography, videography, talking, writing or other creative means, then you’re definitely someone we’re looking for!

P.S. Winner gets to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan!

About Tripsle Travel Ambassador Search

The #TripsleTravelAmbassadorSearch is on the look-out for youths with a passion for travel and new experiences. We’re looking for pairs, so grab a partner whether it’s your bestie, bae, sibling, or whoever you think would complete the dynamic duo.

Simply follow the steps of applications and if you’re chosen as the winning pair, you will get a fully-sponsored adventure to Tokyo, Japan. Besides that, both of you will also have the opportunities to go on other sponsored trips and experiences throughout the year!

What are the requirements for the Tripsle Travel Ambassador Search?

  • To be qualified for the search, here are a few requirements:

  • You have to join in pairs!

  • Both applicants have to be Malaysian college or university students aged between 18 – 25.

  • You love sharing your travel experience and stories may it be through photography, videography, talking, writing or any other passion you have.

  • Follow the steps to submit your application by 31st July 2018!

How do I apply for the Tripsle Travel Ambassador Search?

Now, this where you show us what you’re really made of! Follow the steps below to apply:

  • Record a short video clip between 30 seconds – 3 minutes and tell us about yourselves! Share with us why you want to be Tripsle’s Travel Ambassador.

  • Upload your video to Youtube/Facebook/Instagram with a short introduction and hashtag #Tripsletravelambassador2018 (make sure it’s public or else we won’t be able to view it!)

  • Fill up the form here by 31st July 2018.

What’s the selection process like?

Stage 1:

Submit a short video clip & fill up the application form! Find out more here.

Stage 2:

Top 10 shortlisted pairs will be invited to join us on a secret local road trip adventure! The shortlisted pairs will compete in content creation during this trip.

Stage 3:

Winning pair will be whisked off for a fully-sponsored trip to Japan where lots of exciting activities await you!

What we look for in winners

Still not quite sure how to record your video? Well, here are some tips to see what we’re looking for in your application. Don’t say we didn’t help you! 😉

  • Creativity in idea conceptualization and storytelling

  • Ability to portray a positive and outgoing persona

  • A travel enthusiast with a knack for discovering hidden gems

  • Good at planning and researching (you will have to plan your own itineraries!)

  • Great at documenting and sharing about your trip via social postings and videos

  • Excellent in relating to a young audience

  • Able to hold an audience’s attention in the modern 8-sec attention span era

Join the search now

Time to grab that travel buddy and camera out. Make sure to submit your video and fill out the form before 31st July 2018. Go go go! You could be the next Tripsle Travel Ambassador, whisked halfway across the world to have fun and tell your story.

I want to be a Tripsle Travel Ambassador!