Interesting Conversations With Ice-Cream Uncles And What We Learnt

Free Ice-Cream: Ice-Cream Uncle edition

On a hot day, the unmistakable yellow umbrella is a sight for sore eyes. Ice-Cream Uncles have been bringing joy to generations across Singapore and this April, we at Tripsle would like to celebrate them.

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Tripsle is buddying up with F&N to spread some good old-fashioned joy with more than 2,000 ice-creams to give away!

Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can join us in supporting our uncles as they embrace cashless payments and get your hands on some ice cold goodness.

1. He’s been doing this since 1967

Uncle Chan at ice cream cart

We weren’t even born yet and Uncle Tan was already out scooping ice-cream. That’s a whopping 51 years of doing what he does!

2. His cart can hold up to 500 ice-creams at any one time

Don’t underestimate the humble ice-cream cart! Each ice-cream cart can hold up to 500 ice-creams at any one time, which is a whole lot of ice-cream to go around!

3. His favourite flavour is Raspberry Ripple

Uncle Tan is an old soul and his favourite is the classic Raspberry Ripple.

4. He went skydiving in New Zealand

Back in his heyday, Uncle Tan went skydiving while holidaying in New Zealand. While the jump didn’t quite happen due to poor weather conditions, it’s clear Uncle Tan was quite the daredevil in his youth.

5. Uncle Tan once owned a convenience store

Uncle Tan didn’t start off selling ice-cream – before this he had a convenience store selling all sorts of old-school goodies.

6. Locals are #TeamWafer while tourists are #TeamRainbowBread

Peppermint Choc Chip in rainbow bread

We visited Uncle Tan one day and made a groundbreaking discovery – locals seem to prefer wafer to the rainbow bread! Doesn’t matter that Buzzfeed labelled the ice-cream sandwich one of the worst sandwiches in the world – everybody loves it.

7. There’s a secret menu item for adventurous connoisseurs

Ice-Cream Uncle Mao Shan Wang Potong Ice Cream

Besides having your ice-cream in a wafer, with bread or in a cup, Ice-Cream Uncles also carry premium Mao Shan Wang Durian potong ice-cream at $3 a pop!

8. The most popular flavour is Durian

Wafer ice cream along Orchard Road

Surprisingly, Uncle Tan says the most popular flavour is Durian! Most tourists relish the opportunity to try this very unique flavour, but even if it turns out to be a mistake, they can always wash it down with a bottle of mineral water for just SGD1.20.

9. They work from 11am to 7pm daily, but get up way before

Ever wonder how they magically replenish their ice-cream carts? Uncle Tan and other Ice-Cream Uncles have to go to Kim Tian Road every working day to stock up before they head to Orchard Road from 11am to 7pm.

10. Uncle Tan wants to go to Melbourne

Uncle Tan actually has family in Melbourne, Australia and wishes to travel there soon to visit.

Get your ice-cream now!

Rainbow bread ice cream

Now that you’ve gotten to know Uncle Tan a little better, here’s how you can support him!

Date: 20-22 April 2018

Time: 2-6pm

Venue: Orchard Road

To score a free ice-cream, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the Tripsle App

  2. Add an ice-cream from any of the uncles into your cart –>

  3. Check out with promo code “HELLOUNCLE”

  4. Rock up and flash your in-app voucher to redeem!

Your F&N Ice-Cream Uncles can be found at the following locations:

  • Tan – Outside ION Orchard

  • Chan – Outside Wisma Atria

  • Ang – Near Mandarin Orchard/Mandarin Gallery

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