IKEA Thailand Now Has Amazing Bubble Tea And An Ice Cream Bar And We’re Jealous!

A much-needed dessert stop!

Everyone knows how overwhelming and crazy it is to be stuck in an IKEA maze especially during busy weekends. Well, looks like IKEA Thailand has found the key to happiness amidst the chaos – bubble tea and soft serve ice cream!

IKEA Thailand is certainly stepping up their game by releasing these new dessert menu items and we’re kinda bummed we can’t try them out. Bangkok holiday soon?

Bubble milk tea

Photo Credit: @noky_kpinnil

Screenshot taken from IKEA Thailand website.

That’s right, IKEA in Thailand is ahead of the rest of us in the boba train. Priced at only THB45 per cup, you can get extra tapioca pearls for an additional THB10. Apparently, the pearls used in the IKEA iced bubble tea are pretty tiny, so you can slurp it just fine with a regular-sized straw.

New ice-cream flavours

Photo Credit: @mmookn | @_aoraiir

The bubble milk tea isn’t the only new food item on the IKEA menu. They have also come out with a Cotton Candy soft serve flavour which costs THB29 each. The soft serve ice cream cone comes in a swirl of yellow and blue – the colours of the Sweden flag and IKEA logo!

Photo Credit: @toeyynie | @thewellwell

Aside from the cotton candy flavour, you can also get their other ice cream flavour combos:

Milky Strawberry (THB60) – strawberry soft serve in a cone topped with biscuit crumbs, fresh strawberry, and cookie crisp

Yogurt Muesli (THB45) – yogurt soft serve in a cone topped with muesli

Butterscotch Choco Crunch (THB85) – soft serve in a chocolate cone topped with almonds, chocolate chips, Daim candy and a sliver of Daim cake

For now, we’re still unsure if the flavours mentioned above are seasonal items or permanent items on the menu.

Ice cream bar

Photo Credit: @patidmaha

Photo Credit: @_aoraiir

If you want to get crazier and more customised with your ice-cream, you can do so at the ice cream bar in IKEA Thailand. Choose between M or L size,  the soft serve flavour of your choice and your desired toppings. The flavours available are milk, soy, and other seasonal flavours.

There are about 20 toppings available from candies to cookies, biscuits sandwiches, jellies, marshmallows, and the list goes on. Why only build your dream home with IKEA, when you can now also build the soft serve of your dreams!

Going to Bangkok soon?

Looks like your food marathon in Bangkok is going to have to include a trip to IKEA now as well. Make sure you’re handy with a local 4G SIM Card or WiFi Device and a BTS Skytrain Rabbit Card. You can easily pick up these travel essentials and more from the Tripsle counter in BKK airport!

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