How To Have An Epic Time At ULTRA Singapore 2017

How To Have An Epic Time At ULTRA Singapore 2017

Get ULTRA turnt this June

Confetti at Ultra Singapore 2017

For the uninitiated, ‘turnt’ means excessively excited or prepared for an event, and when it comes to ULTRA Singapore 2017, turnt is exactly what you want to be.

Come June, scores of world famous DJs descend upon our sunny shores for a 2-day only event that could very well be the music festival of the year. Put those dancing shoes on and prepare for an epic weekend with some of the Tripsle team’s own festival tips based on past experience.

1. Going home via train is your best option

Main stage at ULTRA Singapore 2017

Most festival-goers would assume an event like ULTRA would go on through the night but in reality the party ends at around 10.30pm. This could largely be due to Singapore’s new alcohol law that prohibits public drinking and the sale of alcoholic beverages after 10.30pm, but also the fact that the loud music will disturb guests paying S$500 a night to stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Since the party winds down way before the last train, the best way to avoid the jams is to simply cross the road to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and catch a train to wherever you need to go. You can Grab/Uber from the hotel, but be prepared to wait longer and pay more than usual. One Tripsle team member recalls watching her taxi fare increase by a dollar just waiting to exit from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel driveway itself.

If you’re looking to entertain yourself the day after – check out the super cool Art Science Museum and all the things you can do there!

2. Don’t wear heels/white sneakers/sandals

International crowd at ULTRA Singapore 2017

Since ULTRA is held outdoors on mostly grassy terrain and it is practically impossible to predict Singapore’s weather, rains can definitely dampen your mood and your limited edition Yeezys/NMDs.

If you attended last year’s ULTRA to say the ground was damp would be an understatement. It’s best to go in an old but comfy pair of shoes you don’t mind throwing away after the event or wear your best and risk having to scrub like crazy after the event. Also, no self-respecting festival-goer should ever be caught wearing stilettos to a music festival held on a big grassy field.

That being said, we heard June is slated to be one of the year’s driest months so we can all hope for the best!

3. You will have to pay for water

Fun crowd at ULTRA Singapore 2017

As with all big events, water doesn’t come free. You cannot bring in bottles of any sort onto ULTRA grounds. If you’re carrying a bottle of any sort they will have to be disposed of before you are allowed entry. Security checks are strict and don’t even think about smuggling a bottle of water into ULTRA.

Tripsle Tip: Tripsle your ULTRA Singapore 2017 tickets and receive a limited edition Tripsle x ULTRA Survival Kit with a FREE bottle of water included! Even the craziest ravers need to stay hydrated. Scroll to the end to see what else you can find in the bag!

4. Being kiasu doesn’t pay off

DJ's view from ULTRA Singapore 2017 Main Stage

ULTRA isn’t like your typical music concert where the earlier you go – the better the view. Still, for the full festival experience they have DJs playing from as early as 12pm and plenty of fun game booths and sponsors on site to keep you thoroughly entertained!

The crowds start to swell around 4 to 6pm after most of the midday sun has died down, so be sure to arrive slightly earlier to avoid long queues and waiting times.

5. Don’t pay more than necessary for your ticket

DJs at ULTRA Singapore 2017

As with all big events, be prepared to encounter some unscrupulous behaviour where ticket sales are concerned. Illegal sellers like to jack up prices and don’t be surprised even if you see hidden administrative and credit card fees at checkout on top of ticket costs. Different tiers also come with different price tags, so make sure you are aware of all included charges.

Prices increase significantly from Advance 1 to Advance 2 and then Regular, so it’s always a good idea to buy your ULTRA tickets early.

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6. Don’t bring bags to ULTRA if you can help it

Singapore flag display at ULTRA Singapore 2017

ULTRA has a strict bag-checking process before you enter the festival grounds and to avoid the hassle of emptying the contents of your bag or worse, being denied entry, it’s always advisable to bring as few things with you as possible. You’re better off bringing see-through bags for ease of checking and faster clearance.

Tripsle Tip: The Tripsle x ULTRA Survival Kit that comes with every ULTRA ticket booked on Tripsle comes in a handy clear drawstring bag to conveniently keep all your belongings safe and within easy reach. Find out what else you’ll get in this exclusive Survival Kit below.

7. Get your drink on early

Ravers at ULTRA Singapore 2017

To avoid having to miss out on your favourite DJ’s set, it’s always a good idea to make a beeline for the drinks the moment you enter. Alternatively, you can try the divide and conquer method – simply split up, join separate queues and see which one moves faster!

Tripsle Pro-Tip: You can save some dollars by buying a few at a go so grab some friends and share the love!

8. Avoid unsightly flash tattoo tanlines

Party-goers at ULTRA Singapore 2017

We get that festivals tend to call for fancy flash tattoos that look great in pictures but have the power to leave unsightly tan lines at the weirdest places (like the back of your neck). So unless you’re planning to only go to ULTRA in the evening, it’s best to avoid the temporary tats altogether.

9. You can’t leave your friend’s tickets at the ticketing counters

Kygo at ULTRA Singapore 2017

Most people assume they can leave their friend’s tickets at the ticketing counters or meet them outside. Unfortunately, the ticketing counters will not do that for you and there is strictly no re-entry once you exit ULTRA grounds.

Save yourself and your friends the massive logistical hassle and agree to all go down at the same time so you can all enjoy ULTRA together!

Tripsle yourself to the ULTRA cool music festival of the year!

We’re proud to announce Tripsle is one of ULTRA’s official partners for this year’s festival and this means you can now book your festival tickets in one hassle-free booking either via the Tripsle website or app. Each ULTRA ticket purchased on Tripsle entitles the customer to one FREE exclusive Tripsle x ULTRA Survival Kit with all your festival essentials containing the following:

  • Hand fan

  • Bottled water

  • Poncho

  • Light sticks

If you’re travelling to Singapore from overseas just for ULTRA Singapore 2017, good on you! Don’t forget to Tripsle your SIM Card at the airport when you arrive so you can make all your friends back home jealous!

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