How to Entertain Visitors for 5 days in Hong Kong

How to Entertain Visitors for 5 days in Hong Kong

If you live in Hong Kong, you’ll find one of your duties is to play host to numerous visitors and guests. Whether they be mere acquaintances passing through and looking for a place to crash, a best friend you haven’t seen in years, or a family member flying thousands of miles just to see you. Either way, you have one job – show off your fantastic city! Here are some itinerary-friendly ideas for a five day visit, making your role as ‘’tour-guide” that little bit easier…

Hong Kong from Above

Day 1

Let’s start at the beginning. Perhaps you’ll meet and greet your guests at the airport, or perhaps you’ll leave them to fend for themselves (no judgement here, Hong Kong airport is super easy to navigate!) Either way, start your guests’ journey off stress-free by hopping on the MTR’s Airport Express. Book tickets online to get a discounted price. They’ll be amazed at how quickly they’ll be in the heart of it all at the crowd-hopping Central station.

Hong Kong’s world-famous skyline really is a sight to behold, so I recommend you step up the “wow-factor” on their first night by treating them to a boat trip along Victoria Harbour. The iconic Aqua Luna is a staple to the skyline itself, with its Instagram-worthy beautiful red sails that set so perfectly against the background of skyscrapers and lights; your guests are sure to marvel in the stunning scenery and forget the jet lag they were just complaining about. Hop off the Aqua Luna in the vibrant and lively Tsim Sha Tsui to end this unforgettable night with some delicious local cuisine.


Aqua Luna Harbour Cruise. Photo Credit: Matt_Weibo

Day 2

After a much-needed night’s rest, set the alarm early for a jam-packed day on Lantau Island. Your visitors might think you’re trying to send them home early, but Lantau is home to much more than the airport! For some inspiration check out some of Tripsle’s exciting and adrenaline-fueled activities on Lantau Island. But of course, no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the marvellous Tian Tan Buddha. There truly is no better way to take in the lush landscapes of Lantau than hopping on the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. We doubt this is your first time visiting the Buddha, so you’ll understand when we advise that you need to get there EARLY to avoid long queues (or skip the queues all together by buying your ticket in advance!)

After a leisurely stroll around the Po Lin Monastery and a fair amount of obligatory selfies with you and the Big Buddha, hop on the number 11 bus for the next part of your Lantau adventure: Tai O fishing village. Hopefully your guests will enjoy seeing a different side to the bustling and skyscraper-laden Hong Kong, and you should be sure to immerse yourselves in the beauty and history of Tai O with a Tai O Heritage tour, which includes an exploration of the quaint and charming village.

Hong Kong Buddha

Lantau Buddha. Photo Credit: (WT-shared)_Thorsten

Day 3

The next day it’s time for you to show off your insider’s knowledge with a trip to the New Territories. Often overlooked in favour of Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan center, the New Territories is well worth a visit for its spectacular scenery and glimpse at a much more relaxed and slowed-down pace of life. Treat your guests to a nature packed bike ride in Nam Sheng Wai, where you can take in the fresh air and enjoy the vast open spaces. Since you’ll be in Yuen Long anyway, be sure to finish your day with cuisine from one of the fantastic local restaurants that Yuen Long has to offer.

Nam Sang Wai Countryside

Nam Sang Wai Countryside . Photo Credit: Millevache

Day 4

A visit to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one the smaller outlying islands. We recommend you take your guests to Cheung Chau for that culture-rich and truly different Hong Kong experience. Not only is Cheung Chau blessed with great local eateries (giant fish ball anyone?), but there are also some great opportunities for trying out water sports like kayaking or windsurfing. Although this isn’t all Cheung Chau has to offer, check out its cultural side with the Cheung Chau Discovery Tour where you can discover temples, take a sampan ride, and enjoy a dim sum lunch on this beautiful, unspoiled island.

Cheung Chau View

View of Cheung Chau Island. Photo Credit: SoHome Jacaranda Lilau

Day 5

Prove yourself the perfect host with an activity-filled final day. Start your last day like locals with a traditional dim sum breakfast, which should give everyone enough energy for the busy day ahead. Ensure your visitor has ticked off all their boxes in Hong Kong with a great local walking tour of both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island . Explore the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, take in all the smells and sights of a typical Hong Kong wet market, and stroll through Sheung Wan’s fascinating food stalls.

Hong Kong from the Peak

HK Peak Tram. Photo Credit: Jon Parise

HK Peak Tram. Photo Credit: Jon Parise

Don’t let your guest leave without a trip to Victoria Peak, and of course there’s no better way to reach the top than by the timeless Peak Tram. Notorious for long queues, you can skip the crowds by purchasing a combo tour ticket including both the Peak Tram and the Sky Terrace 428 viewing deck and bypassing the ticketing queue on the upward journey. Time your journey just right so that you can see the breathtaking harbour view in both daylight and in the dark- the two are completely different and both a must see! Enjoy your final meal with a view to remember by dining at one of the many well-rated Peak restaurants.

Wave off your guests at the airport and have a well-deserved rest. Now to plan for the next one…