How much of a Potterhead are you?

How much of a Potterhead are you?

So, you call yourself a Potterhead do you? Well, did you know that a brand new Harry Potter theme park is set to open in Tokyo 2023 😱 (We’ll give you 10 Hogwarts points if you did) There aren’t too many details just yet, but we believe that it will be similar to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour here in the UK where you’ll be able to tour movie sets and feel like a real life wizard 🧙🏼‍♂️Muggles will be welcome too, don’t worry!

So back to these Hogwarts points, with so many Harry Potter experiences around the globe, perhaps it’s time to see how much of a Potter fan you really are. Are you ready? If you’ve been to any of the below Harry Potter attractions before, collect the Hogwarts points and add them up! Then do as Hermione Granger would do and boast about your magical achievement on the Facebook post and share with your friends (nothing like a bit of competition between friends are we right?) ✨

🎥 Warner Bros. Studio Tour – 5 Hogwarts Points

🎬 Harry Potter film locations walking tour – 25 Hogwarts points

⚡️ A trip to Wizarding World at Universal Studios – 15 Hogwarts points

🏰 A trip to Alnwick Castle (if you know, you know)- 30 Hogwarts Points

🎟 Watched A Cursed Child theatre show – 10 Hogwarts Points

🚂 You’ve been on the Hogwarts Express – 15 Hogwarts Points

Don’t forget to share your score on the Facebook post! If you want to be top of the class why not gain a few extra points with some of these amazing Harry Potter experiences.