Hiking in Hong Kong – Part 1 : With Kids

Tripsle x Hong Kong Tourism Board: Great Outdoors Hong Kong

Tripsle is now collaborating with Hong Kong Tourism Board to offer guided tours along well-recognised hiking trails and cycling routes to discover the green side of Hong Kong in the company of experienced hikers and cyclists. Apart from the well-known hiking trails as introduced in Great Outdoors Hong Kong, we would also show you some off-the-beaten tracks below, so keep calm and read on!

For more details, you may also visit the website in Discover Hong Kong.

Best Season for Hiking in Hong Kong

The start of a new school year marks the end of Summer holiday and the quiet arrival of Autumn. After engaging in a series of water activities with your kids, here comes the best season to go hiking in Hong Kong. The average temperature in the Fall is around 24°C with very light rainfall, which makes it the perfect weather for hiking.

Check out the hiking trail that best suits your family and get ready for an awesome hiking journey!

*All scores are based on Oasistrek, the camera icon represents the scenery of the hiking trail and the caution icon represents the difficulty of the hiking trail.

Pak Tam Chung

Scenery: 3 /5 | Difficulty: 0.5 /5 (Duration : 3 hours, Distance: 8.5km)

The trail from Pak Tam Au to Chek Keng Pier scored 3 out of 5 for its scenic view because of her tranquility. Located away from the city center, the harbor nearby has clear blue water and a small pier. During your trip, you may also see partly or entirely abandoned houses of an old Hakka village, showing you the ordinary farming life people had in the suburbs.

One of the major concerns to bring kids out for hiking is whether it is too difficult for them to manage. The hiking trail in Pak Tam Chung Country Park is only 3.5 km long and you can finish the journey in an hour. It is suitable for all age groups, making it perfect for a family outing. For details, please see below or click here.

Highlights: Harbor view, Pier, Hakka Village

How To Get There?

Starting Point: Pak Tam Au

You may take any of the following transportation and get off at Pak Tam Au, then walk to the starting point as indicated in the map.

Minibus No. 7 (From Sai Kung Pier to Hoi Ha) – Fare : $11.4 | Duration: 30 mins

Bus No. 94 (From Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier) – Fare $18.7 | Duration:65 mins

Bus No. 96R (From Diamond Hill to Wong Shek Pier) – Fare: $9.5 (Mon – Fri) , $14.5 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays) | Duration: 10mins

Finishing Point: Chek Keng Pier

You may leave from Chek Keng Pier by taking ferry to either Wong Shek Pier or Ma Liu Shui.

Grass Island to Wong Shek Pier – Fare: $9.5 (Mon – Fri) , $14.5 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays) | Duration: 10mins

Grass Island to Ma Liu Shui –  Fare: $18 (Mon – Fri) , $28 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays)

Hiking Trail  

Shing Mun Reservoir 

Scenery: 3 /5 | Difficulty: 1 /5 (Duration : 3 hours, Distance: 8.5km)

The Shing Mun Reservoir trail is not only easy to walk, it is also a habitat with great biodiversity. Along the trail, you may discover rare species of trees and animals that you and your kids may not even know they existed in Hong Kong. Check out the Eco-map for Shing Mun Country Park and see if you could find all these animals in your journey.

With concrete pavement, the hiking trail circulating the Upper Shing Mun Reservoir is another easy walk suitable for small kids. It takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete the journey. If you are looking for a middle stop or plan to stay longer, there are barbecue courts along the trail, you can spend a relaxing afternoon with your family there. Find out details here.

Highlights: Paper-bark tree, Butterflies

How To Get There?

Starting and Finishing Point: Shing Mun Reservoir

Since the starting and finishing points are the same, you may hop on or off at the final stop Shing Mun Reservoir.

Minibus No.82 (From Tsuen Wan to Shing Mun Reservoir) – Fare: $5.2 (Adult) / $2 (Senior citizens above 65/ Persons with disabilities) | Duration: 20 mins

Hiking Trail  

Dragon’s Back

Scenery: 4 /5 | Difficulty: 2 /5 (Duration : 3 hours, Distance: 8.5km)

Situated in the southeastern Hong Kong Island, the Dragon’s Back trail was selected by TIME Asia as the best urban hiking trail in 2004 with its breathtaking views, overlooking the Tathong Channel , the Nine Pins Islands, Stanley and Big Wave Bay. Apart from the vast area of green vegetation, you can also see the iconic Victoria harbor line crowded with skyscrapers from the top.

The Dragon’s Back Trail is slightly more difficult than the previous two trails, as it involves climbing of little-rugged mountain ridges  Yet, after you reached the top with a large platform, it connects to a flat concrete path to Big Wave Bay.  Joining a hiking tour with your family would be a good option if this trail seems a bit challenging. For details, click here.

Highlights: Spinal ridge, views of Stanley Peninsula and the South China Sea, Sandy beaches

How To Get There?

Start Point: To Tei Wan, Shek O Road

You may reach the starting point by taking the following transportation and get off at To Tei Wan, it is just a few steps away from the stop.

Bus No. 9 (From Shau Kei Wan to Shek O) – Fare: $ 6.9 | Duration: 15-20 mins

Red Minibus (From Shau Kei Wan – Shek O and Big Wave Bay) – Fare: $ 8 (Mon-Fri) / $10 (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays) | Duration: 15 mins

Finishing Point: Big Wave Bay

You may leave the finishing point by taking the same transportation above, but hop on at Big Wave Bay stop.

Hiking Trail

Dragon’s Back Trail Hiking Tour Here!

Devil’s Peak

Scenery: 2 /5 | Difficulty: 2.5 /5 (Duration : 2.5 hours, Distance: 5.5km)

Though scored the lowest, the Devil’s Peak is actually an interesting relics’ trail unique in its way. Featuring the ruins of Gough Battery and an observation post built before 1898, the Devil’s Peak trail is ideal for your family to explore more about Hong Kong colonial history.

The Devil’s Peak also starts off with a rather steep road, along with a few uphill sections, making it as challenging as the Dragon’s Back Trail. But no worries, there is an observation post in the middle part where you can take a rest and enjoy the stunning harbor view with your family. Plus, it is a lot easier when it comes to the end, where it connects to a concrete path towards the Haven of Hope Hospital. For details, click here.

Highlights: Ruins of Gough Battery, Observation post, Harbor view

How To Get There?

Starting Point : Ko Chiu Road

There are three ways to get to the starting point, but all of them involve a 5 to 10-minute walk. Please read the map to see how to walk from the location to the starting point.

1. Ko Yee Estate 

Take the following transportation and get off at Ko Yee Estate.

Bus No. 14B (From Lam Tin Kwong Tin Estate) – Fare: $5.1 | Duration : 5mins

Bus No. 603 (From Central Ferry Pier) – Fare: $12.1 | Duration: 50mins

Bus No. 216M (From Lam Tin Railway Station) – Fare: $3.2 | Duration: 20 mins

2.  Yau Tong Bus Terminus 

Take the following transportation and get off at Yau Tong Bus Terminus.

Bus No.14 (From China Ferry Terminal) – Fare: $6.8 | Duration: 70 mins

Bus No.62X (From Tuen Mun Central Bus Terminus) – Fare: $ 16.6 | Duration: 75 mins

Bus No. 259 (From Lung Mun Oasis, Tuen Mun) Fare: $16.6 | Duration: 85 mins

3.  Yau Tong MTR Station

Finishing Point : Haven of Hope Hospital

You may leave the finishing point by hopping on a green minibus at Haven of Hope Hospital.

Minibus No.107 (From Haven of Hope Hospital to Po Lam Station) –  Fare: $4 | Duration: 15-20 mins

Hiking Trail  

Final Thoughts

In general, the trail in Pak Tam Chung Country Park scored the highest, making it sounds perfect for kids. Yet, there are some other areas that you may take into consideration before your trip. For example, the proximity of the trail. You may have to consider other options if you live far because long traveling hours would already exhaust you and your kids while you have not even started the walk. It also depends on the capability of your kids and what kind of hiking experience you are looking for.

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A Collective Map with Transport Directory

*This collective map is inclusive of the four hiking trails (Pak Tam Chung, Shing Mun Reservoir, Dragon’s Back and Devil’s Peak) mentioned above.

Insider Tips:

What to Know? – Useful Links and Apps


  • Hong Kong Observatory  (Weather Forecast)

  • Oasistrek

  • Enjoy Hiking


  • Map My Hike GPS Hiking

  • Country Parks Tree Walks 

What to Wear?

  • Light-coloured long-sleeves shirt

  • Long sports pants

  • Sports shoes (hiking shoes are not necessary as these trails are rather easy ones)

  • Hat

What to Bring?

  • Food & Drinks: At least 2L of water per person with snacks (chocolate/enery bars)

  • Electronic Devices: Mobile with portable charger, Camera

  • A Map (electronic/printed version)

  • For emergency: Bandages, medicine

  • Others: Mosquito Repellent