Get Your Durian Overload At Double Durian In Singapore!

Get Your Durian Overload At Double Durian In Singapore!

Durian dishes for every durian lover!

Known as the king of all fruits particularly in Southeast Asia, the potent odour of this large green spiky fruit it’s one of its distinctive features. While the fruit is being treated as a heavenly delicacy by many, others are put off by the unbearable taste and smell.

Typically starting from the month of June or July and lasting till September, the durian season is fast approaching Singapore! This season, let your taste buds be wowed by the latest durian cafe in town – Double Durians. The cafe only serves the best Mao Shan Wang, also known as the butter durian. With its bright yellow flesh, the Mao Shan Wang has a creamy texture with a bittersweet tang.

With every dish created from Mao Shan Wang durians, here are our top picks that will leave you wanting for more!

1. Chargrilled Durian

Double Durian Chargrilled Durian Singapore

Source: Double Durian Instagram

The specialty of Double Durian, their Chargrilled Durian is probably the most unique way to enjoy a durian! Wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled whole over charcoal, the Mao Shan Wang durian flesh becomes a warm soft treat that melts in your mouth.

Double Durian Chargrilled Durian Singapore

Source: Double Durian Instagram

The smoky flavour complements the original bittersweet flavour of the Mao Shan Wang, leaving you wanting for more. This durian takes an hour to prepare and are limited in quantities so do call in advance to order your grilled durian to avoid disappointment.

2. Ying Yang Durian

Double Durian Ying Yang Durian Singapore

I’m sure all durian fanatics have left their durian to chill in the fridge for a nice cold treat but Double Durian takes the chilled delicacy to the next level with their Ying Yang Durian.

Double Durian Ying Yang Baked Durian Singapore

Fresh durians are frozen overnight and then baked in an oven, caramelising the skin to give it another dimension of flavour. Warm on the outside yet cold and refreshing on the inside, you’ve got the best of both worlds in one dish!

3. Durian Pizza

Double Durian Pizza Singapore

Durian and cheese? Sounds out of this world! This unseemingly pair is the perfect blend of cheese and pure durian puree. The Durian Pizza is baked for 6 minutes – just enough time for the crust to be baked to crisp and the cheese to melt. The melted savoury cheese on top of a sweet durian base makes this pizza the celebrity of all pizzas!

4. Durian Sticky Rice

Double Durian Sticky Rice Singapore

Inspired by the famous Thai Mango Sticky Rice, the cafe replaces the mango to create a Singaporean durian special – Durian Sticky Rice! A huge dollop of durian served atop a sticky glutinous rice, take a bite of the dynamic duo of chewy rice and sweet ripe durian!

5. Durian Smoothie

Double Durian Smoothie Singapore

The perfect drink for a hot day, this Durian Smoothie will complete your durian dining experience. Made from chilled durian flesh, the smoothie comes served with a generous chunk of durian meat and fresh mint leaves. If you’re conscious about your durian breath, chew on the mint leaves to get rid of the stench! Slurp it up quick before it melts to enjoy maximum durian flavor!

6. Durian Mille Crepe Cake

Double Durian Mille Crepe Durian Cake Singapore

Forget your plain ol’ mille crepe cake, and take a bite of this Durian Mille Crepe Cake! This sweet treat features three layers of pure durian wedged in between thin eggy crepe and cream, and is finished off with a dusting of icing sugar. The ratio of light cream, crepe and durian in this crepe cake ensures that the cake doesn’t overpower everyone’s favorite Mao Shan Wang!

7. Durian Ice Cream

Double Durian Ice Cream Singapore

I scream, you scream – we all scream for Durian Ice Cream! The staple of all durian desserts, this scoop of ice cream brings a burst of overwhelming durian flavour to your taste buds. Made from two simple ingredients, pure mao shao wang durian and milk cream, check out this video that shows how the cafe makes their in house treat daily.

Bonus: Flaming Pork Ribs Tower!

Double Durian Pork Ribs Tower

Not to worry if durians are not your thing! If you were dragged to the cafe by your durian crazed pals, check out the signature of their western menu. Double Durian literally serve up a flaming feat of Pork Ribs! The Flaming Pork Ribs Tower feature pork ribs that are marinated for 24 hours. Double cooked, the meat is tender and falls straight off the bone with one bite!

Double Durian Flaming Pork Ribs Tower Singapore

Served with sweet potatoes and salad, the chef pours brandy over the tower and lights it up. So be ready to instagram the entrance of this dish!

Address: 8 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209179

How to get there:

  • A 6 minute walk from Bendeemer MRT Station (Downtown line)

  • Exit to Kallang Bahru towards Kallang Ave and walk towards Lavender St

  • From Lavender St, turn into Hamilton Rd.

Operating hours: Tue – Sun: 11.00am – 11.00pm, Mon: 5.00pm – 11.00pm

Double Durian Singapore Cafe

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