Fond School Memories All 90s Kids In Singapore Will Remember

Fond School Memories All 90s Kids In Singapore Will Remember

#Throwback to Hershey Sundae Pies and school field trips

They say the best time of your life is when you’re in school and we definitely agree! All of us 90s kids who grew up in Singapore will definitely fondly remember the days of visiting the Science Centre Singapore with our best friends. Heading to Burger King after school and studying while sharing a Hershey Sundae Pie was also one of the favorites.

Read on and relive your fond school memories!

1. Burger King Study Dates

I’m sure most of us have memories of heading to Burger King at Singapore’s Changi Airport and snacking on a Hershey Sundae Pie while doing our Ten Year Series assessment books or just hanging out with our friends. While we loved to get a full meal Burger King, those often meant depleting almost ¼ of our school allowance.

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Meal Price
Turkey Ham Croissan’wich W/ Egg

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SGD 5.25
Pancakes Platter + Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelette Platter Meal

1 Pancakes Platter + Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelette Platter

2 cups of Minute Maid Refresh

SGD 12.90
BK Long Chicken Value Meal

1 BK Long Chicken Burger 1 Small Drink 1 Serving of Small Fries

Double Whopper Meal

1 Double Whopper Burger 1 Small Drink 1 Serving of Small Fries

Fish’N Crisp + Tendercrisp Chicken Meal1 Fish ‘n Crisp Burger 1 Tendercrisp Chicken Burger 1 Hershey Pie 2 Small Coke SGD 11.90

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2. School field trips

One of our favorite school memories was heading OUT of school! Piling into a giant school bus and exploring Singapore was one of the best things to do. One of the very first school field trips all of us would take is one to the Science Centre Singapore.

While in the 1990s we did not have Instagram accounts to post pictures, you can go back and relive your school memories while getting the perfect #throwback photo! Get lost in the Mirror Maze or get up close with the beautiful winged creatures at Butterflies Up Close!

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P.S. this will make the perfect high school reunion plan!

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3. Wild Wild Wet!

Many of us had fond memories of staying over with our friends at the Aloha Pasir Ris resorts for class parties. This often also included a trip to Wild Wild Wet waterpark! Now newly revamped, its the best time to revisit this place full of splashing good times.

Tripsle your visit to Wild Wild Wet and gather the ol’gang to conquer the new giant waterslides. Open dated tickets means you can visit the park on any day, ensuring that you won’t have wet weather spoiling your plans.

4. Pulau Ubin

Many of us from uniformed group co-curricular activities like Girl Guides or Boy Scouts will definitely remember camping out at Pulau Ubin. Some of us even got called to join the Outward Bound Singapore programs, which included kayaking around the island.

For the uninitiated, Pulau Ubin is one of Singapore’s offshore islands that is perfect for those looking to escape the city life. Go on a trek or kayak around the mangroves and enjoy the lush greenery.

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5. Art classes

Raise your hands if you were forced into signing up for arts and crafts lessons of some sort while you were young! While your parents hoped you were the next Picasso, they probably have sent you to some form of art class.

If you happened to one of the lucky talented few, it’s time to put that talent to the test. If you’re into pottery, head to the Dragon Kiln Pottery Workshop and repay your parents with a handmade gift of love.

Otherwise, recreate those painting lessons in primary school with an Art Jam session! With blank canvases, paint and even aprons provided, all you need is your imagination and your most creative ideas.

6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S cafe – Central Perk

How you doin’! Who can forget the iconic line from the hit series Friends! Probably one of the reasons why many of us didn’t finish our homework or study hard enough for tests was because we were too busy watching this series. Step into a replica of the set at Central Perk with your Chandler and Rachel and relive your favorite moments from the soap!

Try out their newest creation – Chandler’s edible helium balloon and be sure to capture videos of your friend’s high pitched voices for future blackmail purposes.

7. Stuffing our faces with old fashioned sweets

This was one of our favorite things to eat growing up! This layered cake was not only sweet, chewy and delicious but half the fun was in the eating process. Who else peeled the layers and ate them individually?

Learn the art of making this Kueh Lapis and you’ll be able to have this whenever you want. Better yet, make a fresh batch and take it to your next childhood friends reunion! Tripsle your traditional snack making experience and have the experts teach you the tricks to the perfect Kuehs. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

8. P.E. lessons

Physical Education lessons were our favorite part of school simply because we could get out of the classroom and run about for 1 hour without thinking about math equations of grammar rules.

If you miss playing games like Captain’s ball or softball with your classmates, grab the gang and head to Homerun Baseball for a round of softball. With batting machines and pitching games, challenge your buds to see who can rake up the highest scores!

9. Legos!

Building legos was definitely a part of everyone’s childhood! Who says you can’t play with legos now that you’re all grown up? Head to Legoland Malaysia Theme Park and relive your lego building days with a miniature world built entirely out of legos. Otherwise, take a new VR coaster and feel as if you’ve stepped into a whole new lego world.

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10. Hello Kitty

If you didn’t queue up for Hello Kitty Mcdonalds merchandize, did you really grow up in Singapore. Everytime Mcdonald’s’ announces Hello Kitty launch, we can almost be sure that there will be a long queue for the plushies.

Why join the queues when you can head to Hello Kitty town! Just a short ride across the causeway will take you to the land of all things feline. Take home a piece of this cute cat and never have to queue for merchandize again.