Explore The New Future World At Art Science Museum Singapore Is Outrageously Instagram Worthy

New teamLAB installations at Future World!

The Future World exhibition at the Art Science Museum Singapore just got a facelift and it’s even more beautiful than before! In collaboration with teamLAB – the folks behind the epic Borderless installations in Tokyo, there are 10 new installations that promise interactive and immersive experiences for the whole family.

Future World is organized into 5 themes: Nature, Town, Sanctuary, Park and Space, but the one thing they have in common is how picture perfect they are.

Read on to find out what’s new at Future World and how you can have a blast while scoring some of the best Instagram photos!

Getting tickets:

With so many beautiful exhibits waiting to be explored, you definitely won’t want to waste time queuing up for tickets. Tripsle your Art Science Museum tickets and enter directly, skipping the lines at the ticketing counters. Just flash your mobile e-voucher at the entrance to the exhibition and get your cameras ready for a good time!

From now till 30 September, there is also a Marvel Studios exhibition that all fans of this superhero universe will love. Check out what you can expect at the Marvel exhibit and don’t forget to Tripsle your Marvel and Future World package for a great deal!

1. Nature: Transcending Boundaries

As you enter the Future World exhibition, the first theme you’ll encounter is Nature. Upon entering the room, spot the streams of water at your feet, a part of the Universe of Water Particles exhibit.

Have you heard the saying “bloom where you are planted? “ Stay in the same spot for a bit and you’ll find that the stream parts and forms around your feet, with flowers blooming around the spot you’re standing on.

Head toward the front of the room where you’ll find Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together. Stand against the wall of blooming flowers for your picture perfect shot! The backdrop changes at random and features different types of flowers and even a waterfall.

For the little ones, be sure to take a ride on Sliding through the Fruit Field where flowers and fruit blossom and grow as you descend.

2. Town

Release your inner Mozart and compose your musical masterpiece at Sketch Piston – Playing Music. Draw lines on the screen with your fingers and tap on the shapes on the screen to create different symphonies of sounds.

The more lines drawn, the more balls will be dropped, creating a vibrant and animated wonderland, perfect for the little ones!

3. Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a quick escape from the bustle of life, this little sanctuary in the middle of the exhibits just might be it. Enter the room Impermanent Life: People Create Space and Time, at the Confluence of their Spacetime New Space and Time is Born and find your inner peace. This room depicts cherry blossoms blooming and scattering, playing out cycles of life and death.

4. Park

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so play to your heart’s content at Park! Starting with Sketch People & Animals, color different people and animals and watch them come to life on this virtual grassland.

Choose from three different cutouts of boys and girls, or pick a fox, bear or lion! After which, interact with your characters by touching them and seeing how they respond to you!

After that, create your own environment at What a Loving, and Beautiful World! Tap on the Chinese characters that appear on the screen and watch them transform into the different natural elements of wind, rain, trees and mountains!

P.S. Watch out for the fire element (火) or risk having your beautiful flowers and trees burst into flames.

5. Space

While not exactly a new installation, the Crystal Universe in Space is newly reopened! Step into this astronomical space where you’ll encounter a seemingly infinite number of light particles.

With over 170,000 LED lights, this illusion makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a whole new galaxy. We are indeed all just a small part of this vast cosmo universe.

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