Blast Off Into The Marvelous Marvel Universe At The ArtScience Museum Singapore

Marvel invades ArtScience Museum Singapore

If you’re suffering from The Infinity Wars withdrawal symptoms, we’re got the perfect solution for you! Relive 10 years of Marvel magic across 19 films at the upcoming ArtScience Museum Singapore exhibition: “Marvel Studios : Ten Years of Heroes”. The exhibit will last from 9 June – 30 September 2018.

Read on to find out what Marvel magic you can expect!

1. Iron Man

marvel artscience museum marvel iron man

Behold the 5 meter tall figure of Iron Man! We all know and love the iconic Iron Man for being the genius mind behind his ultra high tech suits! Go behind the scenes into the Stark Tower and see the magic that happens behind each suit.

#Tripsle Fun Fact: Did you know that there are now over 50 different versions of the suit?

2. Captain America

art science museum marvel captain america helicarrier artscience museum marvel captain america shield

The first ever Avenger, Captain America, along with his iconic red, white and blue shield is definitely something not to be missed in this exhibition. See the different versions of his shield as well as the Helicarrier that was used as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mobile base!

3. Thor

Travel across space using the the Bifrost and arrive in Asgard to greet Thor, the current king of Asgard. If you are worthy, you might even find the power to wield the Mjølnir hammer and summon lightning, wind, rain and storm!

4. Doctor Strange

artscience museum doctor strange portal

Bend time with the power of the Eye of Agamotto and open up alternative realities with your hands. Study the ancient books and learn to open up portals to different worlds or distort the current reality.

5. Black Panther

artscience museum black panther marvel

Step into Wakanda and explore Shuri’s laboratory first hand! Learn the secret behind the vibranium technologies that allow Wakandans to isolate themselves from the world. #Wakandaforever

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Dance along with Baby Groot and have him copy your actions! Better yet, grab your Marvel movie buddies and challenge them to a dance off!

7. Ant man and The Wasp

artscience museum marvel antman

If you’re not fond of creepy crawlies, be warned! The ants in the Ant Man exhibit follow you around the room. Watch the army of ants form symbols under your feet or look through the magnifying glass and try to spot the tiny Ant Man!

8. Avengers: Infinity War

artscience museum marvel thanos infinity gauntlet

While Thanos might not be our favorite person and not exactly a hero, he does have a big part to play in the Marvel stories. Check out the real stones that inspired the infinity stones on the gauntlet and why these stones were selected based on their elements.

With great power comes great responsibility, don on the infinity gauntlet and feel the weight of the world on your hands (literally).

Getting tickets to ArtScience Museum Singapore

artscience museum marvel tickets doctor strange

You won’t have to study ancient books or travel time and space just to get your tickets to the Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition. All you’ll need to do is Tripsle your open-dated tickets and flash your mobile e-vouchers to enter!

Tripsle me to Marvel At ArtScience Museum!

artscience museum future world

Make the most out of your day at ArtScience Museum with a trip to the Future World exhibitions as well! Apart from being extremely insta-worthy, the interactive elements also make for a great way to entertain the children.

Tripsle your admission to both Future World and the Marvel studios exhibition for a completely hassle-free experience! Plus, bundle deals mean great savings!

*Do note that the Crystal Universe in Future World is closed for maintenance and will reopen in September 2018. 

Tripsle me to Future World and Marvel At ArtScience!